Feb 16

Today I found this image in my computer, and decided to share it with the world :)
gnome & ubuntu sugar packet

This sugar packets with the Ubuntu, Gnome and Alinex (Portuguese Ubuntu derivate) logos, was made exclusively for a open source conference/lan party that the Computer science association of student’s of my University (NEEI) organize every year, the conference is called Open Delta aLANtejo. One of our main sponsors was Delta-Cafés, the bigger coffee seller in Portugal, so as part of the promotion of the event they made custom sugar packets, that were distributed for the entire country.

A different way of spread the open source word :)

Jan 25

Some people are asking in ITT and in the IRC about Mer performance on the tablets, so here are a video of Mer 0.6 running on the external card of my n810.


Nov 22


Very funny video, especially the ending :)

Nov 21


Jono Bacon in UDS Seville, Spain from Lolbuntu.


“Zapatistas” at DebConf 6 – Photo by gnrfan, from Loldebian.

Oct 7

A will ago I bought a new webcam for play around with some image and video programming toolkits. After a quick search in the web I realize that the Creative webcams have a good Linux compatibility, so I bought a Creative webcam. When I plugged the webcam in my Ubuntu box I realize that Ubuntu don’t support this webcam yet, but I found some drivers in the web that work partially. Today I found that is possible to have that webcam running in Ubuntu without any problem and fully functional.

There are my installation instructions for Ubuntu 8.04:

sudo apt-get install subversion linux-headers-2.6.your_kernel_version
mkdir webcam-driver
svn co svn://rastageeks.org/svn/ov51x-jpeg/trunk webcam-driver
cd webcam-driver
sudo make install
sudo modprobe ov51x-jpeg

You can also add “ov51x-jpeg” to “/etc/modules” to auto load the camera module on startup.
To test the camera you can install one of the Ubuntu camera programs, I recommend “Cheese” :)

Sep 24

gnome 2.24

Release notes here.

Sep 8


Two community videos showing BluePad running :)

The two videos are spoken in Spanish.

Thanks for the support guys :)

Sep 1

windows vista fun

Aug 23

OOo Easter egg

Start OpenOffice Spreadsheet.

In an empty field, type: =GAME("StarWars")

Have Fun :)

Aug 22

Ben Collins-Sussman a technical lead of Google’s Open Source Project Hosting service, wrote a very interesting article about the insecurity that programmers have in their code:

“… And yet over and over, I’m gathering stories that point to the fact that programmers do not want to write code out in the open. Programmers don’t want their peers to see mistakes or failures. They want to work privately, in a cave, then spring “perfect” code on their community, as if no mistakes had ever been made. I don’t think it’s hubris so much as fear of embarrassment. Rather than think of programming as an inherently social activity, most coders seem to treat it as an arena for personal heroics, and will do anything to protect that myth. They’re fine with sharing code, as long as they present themselves as infallible, it seems. Maybe it’s just human nature. …”

Full article here.

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