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Mar 2

 BlueMaemo 0.2 main screen

The second release of BlueMaemo is out now and for the first time available on the maemo extras repository :) .

This release features the much requested reconnection feature, among others small fixes/improvements.

Here is a small changelog:

* Added ability to map the space key in the profiles;
* Added method to change bluetooth adapter mode;
* N810 Hardware keyboard support while in mouse profile;
* Major code refactoring – Separated all profiles;
* Added reconnect functionality;
* Added auto-connect functionality (auto-connect BlueMaemo to a device on startup, without user intervention).

Many thanks for everybody that reported bugs, made suggestions and filled features requests, especially for Qwerty12 (Faheem Pervez) and  Mgedmin (Marius Gedminas) for the packaging advices and tips.

BlueMaemo V0.2 is available here.

Feb 28

I found this project yesterday on IRC and I think it deserves some publicity :) .

QTablet is a fully Qt and QGraphicsView based application framework which main target is internet tablets such as N810. It provides QLauncer for launching applications, Home screen called the Wall and Pager for changing between two virtual desktops and placeholders for minimized application. QTablet uses also Qt Animation Framework for doing transitions between Wall, QLauncher and Pager.

Check out the video, it features virtual desktops, cool animations (without openGL :)) and is also possible to launch hildon apps inside the QT framework. At the moment the installation isn’t straightforward, but deserves a try at lest :) .

More info at the QTablet website.

Feb 26

Yesterday at VMworld conference, VMware displayed its new mobile virtualisation platform, showing how the technology could let users run two operating systems on the same device at the same time. The device used in the presentation was a Nokia n800, the video bellow show a very good performance, running Android and Windows CE at the same time.

Feb 17

Nokia publish through the Beta Labs a new cute app, that lets you play sound effects by hitting numbers 1-9 on the keypad of S60 and Series 40 phones. You can grab the app for free here. Its also possible to include some costum sounds, in order to do some pranks :)

Feb 12

Thanks to astrogirl for the video and the tutorial.

Dec 23

Mozilla just announced the release of Fennec alpha 2 for the N810, you can found the release notes and how to install this browser in your tablet here.

After a few tests it seems a little bit faster that the first Fennec release,  but it still a little bit far from the MicroB performance in my opinion.

Fennec Alpha 2 Overview from Madhava Enros on Vimeo.

Nov 17

rancho logo alpha

A while ago I started a project with my friend Joaquim Rocha in a University course, the project aim to develop an Open Source group/project management tool, Joaquim suggest we should try out Django, since we are Python lovers :). Time goes on and other project appear, but …

Today I proudly announce that Rancho 0.1 alpha is out!!!

Rancho goal is to make it easy for any company or group of people to manage its projects and people.

You can see a list of the Rancho features here, download Rancho from here or try a running demo here. Both the user name and password are ‘admin’.

In case you like Rancho, give us a hand and help us translating Rancho to your language, you also can join Rancho Google Group to get in touch with other Rancho users and developers.

Oct 22

Fennec Alpha Walkthrough from Madhava Enros on Vimeo.

I already have it on my n810, very interesting piece of software, a little bit buggy right now, but deserve a try :)

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