Aug 19

ReMoko is my Google Summer of code project,  is a application that can make Openmoko-powered devices appear to be a mixed Bluetooth keyboard-and-mouse device, through a full Bluetooth HID driver. Here are some screenshots of the UI:

remoko menu

Remoko Menu


remoko mouse

 Remoko Mouse Profile


Remoko presentation profile

Remoko Presentation Profile


Remoko multimedia profile

Remoko Multimedia Profile


More information here.

Aug 18

In the last months I worked for Google as part of Google Summer of Code program, the program was a very good experience for me, I learned a lot and meet very interesting people that help me in my project. Now I gonna slow down my work to rest a little bit, but soon I will be back to improve my open source projects.

I have to thank my mentor Daniel Willmann that helped me in all the OpenMoko stuff, Claudio Takahasi that helped me in some BlueZ related problems and all Google Staff that made Google Summer of Code a incredible learning experience, specially to Leslie Hawthorn for this very hard work, responding to thousand of mails, shipping stuff and resolving all the problem in few minutes. LH you never sleeps ? :)

Aug 8

The new OpenMoko distribution as released in the wild today.

Om 2008.8 is one of the many distributions that currently work on the Openmoko phones. You can compare a distribution with an Operating System on normal computers.

Om 2008.8 is the successor to Om 2007.2 and had ASU as a codename. Om 2008.8 uses EFL for the launcher, custom UI applications and Qtopia on X11 for telephony. It is the first step from GTK+ on x11 to using multiple toolkits in combination. Om 2008.8 now supports EFL, Qtopia and GTK+ applications.

Some screenshots:

ASU home screen

ASU installer

ASU diversity

Jul 19

XFCE in openmoko

Source scap.linuxtogo 

Jun 23

Neo FreeRunner

Today in the morning I received my OpenMoko Neo Freerunner, thanks to the OpenMoko inc. to give cool stuff to the Google Summer of Code students :)

Neo FreeRunner

Neo FreeRunner

May 26

Beautiful Code

Today I received my surprise gift for my participation in Google Summer of Code, was I expected it is a book, a really good one :)

Google sent me a copy of Beautiful Code, this book is a compilation of articles here leading programmers explain how they think and how they resolve common problems during their programming.

Google sent the book by FedEx in a economical rate, that is really fast, I get the book in a few days, some guys in the students private mailinglist told me that get the book in Europe in less than 3 days, one of those guys calculated that the book traveled at a average speed of 112 km/h :)

Apr 29

Bossa conference is a great open source conference for mobile embedded platforms in a very cool place.
Where I get a invite for the next edition ? :D

Apr 27

During the last days, I played around with the OpenMoko Qemu emulator, there are some screenshosts.

OpenMoko new

The last user interface.

OpenMoko new

Simulating a call.

Qtopia OpenMoko

Qtopia in the emulator.

Old OpenMoko

The old interface.

Apr 25

Two funny OpenMoko videos, there are more 25 under the same user :)

Apr 22


Yesterday I have a great new, I’ m in Google Summer of Code :)

I will work in OpenMoko inc. making some Bluetooth hacks :), later I will give some more details.

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