Aug 31

Today is my last day as a Nokian, oh well, what a great and fun ride.

I still remember the day that I was introduced to the awesome Maemo Community, all the friends that I met online and later at the community conferences, my interaction with the community helped me a lot, I learned a lot with very brilliant people, and thanks to that I got the opportunity to work in one of the hottest projects at that time, big thank you to everyone that welcomed me so well in the community.
Later the road became a bit bumpy, but I’m still very proud of our achievements, specially getting the beatiful Nokia N9 out, against all the odds :). A little bit different story for my latest project, never saw the light of the day, it was canceled in the last stages of development, really a pity, even getting all emotions out, I still believe we had something special there, at the moment there’s nothing even close in the industry, but in the end it’s business and as a good professional I’ve to respect the decisions of my employer.

Speaking of Nokia, I have to say that is a great place to work, I was always treated with respect and dignity, the company always helped me with everything, big thank you!

A big thanks to all my colleagues, specially the ones in the two teams that I worked, great people with great talent, hope to work with some of them again in the future, and I wish all the best for Nokia and for the few friends that are staying there, please make the company rock again!

As for me, I’m available for new challenges, if you need a Software Engineer with expertise in the mobile area let me know :), location is not a problem, but at the moment I’m giving priority to Finland, since I really like to live here :).

Dec 23

Dec 24

Dec 31

Happy new year

May all the best wishes for 2009 become true.

Dec 24

tux christmas

Aug 19

ReMoko is my Google Summer of code project,  is a application that can make Openmoko-powered devices appear to be a mixed Bluetooth keyboard-and-mouse device, through a full Bluetooth HID driver. Here are some screenshots of the UI:

remoko menu

Remoko Menu


remoko mouse

 Remoko Mouse Profile


Remoko presentation profile

Remoko Presentation Profile


Remoko multimedia profile

Remoko Multimedia Profile


More information here.

Jan 18

BluePad Logo

The version 0.3 of BluePad is out today, this new version add a new mouse control functionality, some improvements in the Uinput driver (responsable for inject data into linux kernel) and some bugs reported by the users are fixed now.

You can find the last version of BluePad at SourceForge.

Thanks to all who have tested BluePad and did translations 😀 .

Dec 30

Happy New year

May all the best wishes for 2008 become true.

Dec 24

 Happy Christmas to everybody 😀

Nov 10


this is my new blog, my new public world to speak about technology, open source, fun stuff and other amazing things 😀 .