Nov 12

Sapo codebits

For the distracted OpenMoko Portuguese users and fan’s, tomorrow will be held a conference about OpenMoko in the Sapo Codebits event. Marcus Bauer, the TangoGPS creator, will talk about development of applications for the Neo Freerunner. I will post a video of the conference in the next days (the organization will record all the talks).

Sapo Codebits is a event inspired in Y! Hack Day, but with some addons, the event is composed by a programming and art contest, conferences, workshops and music concerts. I will participate in the programming contest, I probably will do some small application for my Neo Freerunner :).

Mar 1

Yes it is true, there are some days that I don’t wrote here. The reason is that I was in Belgium attending to the Fosdem event 😀 .

Fosdem is the biggest Open Source event that I attended, its really a big event, about 4000 open source enthusiastic’s. Fosdem is a well organized event to, all the conferences start in time and finish in time, have good facility’s, lot of conferences (to much in parallel in my opinion), and friendly and very helpful organizers.

I and my friends went to Brussels two days before Fosdem and stayed there two days after Fosdem, for visit the city, and because the low coast airlines online fly from Portugal to Brussels in Thursdays and Tuesdays. Brussels is a beautiful city with lot of things to see (Museums, churches and other old stuff), I thought that the city was bigger, the city center is small, you can see lot of things in just one day. Brussels have a well organized transport system (Metro, tram and Bus) that provide to the tourists cheap and easy access to all the city center.

In the Friday night we went to a very known event called “Friday beer event” 😀 . The distribution algorithm has very good for us, we drank lot of beer (we get a little drunk), Delirium Café has the Guiness record of more different beers for sale, we drank a few different beer flavors, like apple, strawberry, blackberrie, etc.. I love that bar 😀 .

In the Saturday and Sunday we go to the Fosdem event attend some conferences. In Saturday I liked to much of the Gnome and Mozilla DevRoom (the Mozilla DevRoom are very full :S), In Sunday I attended some conferences about virtualization (I don’t liked to much), at the afternoon I gave a little conference about BluePad, I had a good number of people in the room 😀 .

The event seemed very fast (only two days and a very full schedule), but it is worth going to Fosdem and also visit Brussels.

Feb 18

I will present BluePad in a lightning talk at Fosdem 2008.

The Lightning talk will be on the second day of the event at 16:20 hours.

You can see the Fosdem lightning talk schedule here.

Feb 17

I’m going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting

In the next Thursday I am going to Brussels for one of the biggest Open Source conferences in the world. It is my first time in the Fosdem, I expect a great event with many new ideas and some exchange of knowledge.

Dec 17

During the 10th Hispalinux Congress I meet a nice guy called Gustavo Narea, he are co-founder of GNU/Linux Matters a non-profit organization with the goal of promote GNU/Linux to the non-technical users around the world.

GNU/Linux Matters is responsible for various projects around open source software, but the best known is Get Gnu/linux, a website it the propose to make common computer users understand that freedom in software is as important as freedom in society. Get Gnu/linux have some tips that help users switching to Linux, choose a distribution to use and explain the differences between Windows and GNU/Linux.

You can help GNU/Linux Matters with translations, donations or buying one of the cool t-shirts available in them website.

Dec 16

I am back from the 10th Hispalinux Congress in Spain, have been four excellent days, with lot of conferences and some amusement, during the event I meet persons that work around open source software in Europe and in some Latin America countries.

Me and my friend Joaquim went to the congress to present BluePad in the second day of the event, our conference have a good active assistance asking lots of questions, even we talk in our improvised Spanish 😀 . The event took place at the University of Extremadura that has good facilities for this kind of events.

During the days we went to the congress, assist conference and some workshops, at the nights we went to the center of Cáceres for dinner, Cáceres was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1986 because of the city’s blend of Roman, Islamic, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance styles, fruit of the many battles fought there throughout history, we only visit the city at night, but by what we saw, Cáceres is a very beautiful city, I recommend a visit to Cáceres.

The event closes with a dinner for the speakers and organization in a restaurant inside the Old Town of Cáceres. Besides the cold in this region of Spain have been four good days of learning exchanging ideas and experiences, thanks to Hispalinux.

Dec 12

Hispalinux Logo

Me and Joaquim are presenting BluePad at the 10th Hispalinux Congress.

The event will take place in Cáceres – Spain in December 13th, 14th and 15th, BluePad presentation will be in the second day of the event but we’re staying for the whole event.

The event is organized by Hispalinux the biggest Spanish association of Linux users and companies counting more than 8500 members.

Nov 28

There are the BluePad presentation in Sapo Codebits event, I and my friend Joaquim developed a mouse module for BluePad during the 24 hours of the contest.

Nov 16

As I post here previously, I went to Sapo Codebits event in the last two days, with my friends Joaquim Rocha and Patrício Fernandes.
When I arrive to the event I received a nice “welcome pack”, with a bag for laptop, t-shirt, pen’s and other merchandising, Sapo Codebits has a very well organized event, with lots of free food and drinks, nice facility’s and good conditions to work in the projects.

The contest start in the second day of the event with a small pause in the middle for a short performance of Portuguese band F.E.V.E.R. I and my friend Joaquim Rocha propose to do a mouse module for our project BluePad, we start coding and when we need to do some tests, we realize there are some problems with the bluetooth connection, first all the people have the bluetooth in the mobile phones and laptops turned on, we ask the people to turn the bluetooth off, but the problems continued, we go speak with the organization and together we discovered that the problem are the very potent wireless access point’s, because WI-FI works in the same frequency that bluetooth, for have an idea, BluePad takes about 10 seconds to search for bluetooth devices in my university, totally covered with WI-FI hot spots, in the event the application and the mobile phone takes about 2 minutes to search for devices, this problem lead us to despair because we hast a lot of time in the tests, but after 2 hours sleeping and about 20 hours of programming, we finally finished our project.

In the afternoon of the third day take place the presentation session of the projects developed during the event, the participants have only 90 seconds to present the projects to the judge and audience, when one participant finish the time another participant start talk, in a non stop way, 47 projects enter in the contest (games, web stuff, ideas …). My team is the nineteen team to enter in the stage, again we have connection problems, we start trying to connect the bluetooth inside the presentation room with hundreds of people with laptop and mobile phones, but it takes a lot of time and our turn to present was near, we decide to try the connection outside the building, we start running to the parking with the laptop and the mobile, we do the connection in a few seconds and return running to the presentation room arriving in time to present the project. Our presentation have a very good feedback from the audience (they have a live voting system, with two choices “I like” and “I don´t like” ). For me the presentation session was one of the coolest things in the event.

After the presentation session, we have to wait about one hour to see the result of the contest, the event had been five stars until the results are known, but here in my opinion some things go wrong, the organization let the staff and judge enter in the contest, and guess what, staff and one judge win prizes, in my opinion this is very bad for the credibility of the contest, but the organization don´t thing in this way, maybe i am wrong…

Sapo Codebits ends with a live performance of Portuguese band Wraygunn.

You can see some photos of sapo codebits here and some videos here.

Nov 11


In the next Tuesday (13 Nov 2007) I will participate in Sapo Codebits event.

Sapo Codebits is a event inspired in Y! Hack Day, but with some addons, the event is composed by a programming and art contest, conferences, workshops and music concerts, I will participate in the programming contest and made team with my friend Joaquim Rocha.

The organization of Sapo Codebits expect a attendance of 400 participants mainly students, web designers and hackers, Sapo Codebits is organized by the major and older Portuguese ISP in association with some of the biggest IT Portuguese company’s.

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