Sep 8

Two community videos showing BluePad running :)

The two videos are spoken in Spanish.

Thanks for the support guys :)

Apr 19

BluePad Logo

BluePad v0.5 has just been released.

This new version features a complete redesign of the main menu to support more variate phone screens.
Also, the Title Screen of death that makes you press 5 every time you use BluePad is now gone forever !!!

Currently the new version is only available on SVN but we plan on releasing it to SourceForge ASAP.

Here’s how to get the new jar:

$ svn co

This will create a bluepad_mobile folder in your current directory containing BluePad and BluePad_alternative folders.
The jar is inside the bin folder of both of the BluePad mobile versions.

Use the regular BluePad version unless you have a Nokia S60 or another phone that doesn’t like the normal version.

Soon we will made some improvements in the server part to.

Thanks to all who have tested BluePad, report bugs and have made suggestions :D .

Apr 1

April fools’ day joke :D

OK, late news from my BluePad project.
Me and Joaquim were contacted by Microsoft which had interest on having us porting BluePad to Windows XP and Vista.

We had a meeting that lasted for 5 hours but we came out from there happy.

So, conclusions, we are gonna port BluePad for Windows XP and Vista and the further versions of BluePad will be closed source which means that it will no longer support Linux or anything else than Windows.

With the deal we got from the giant company I am gonna spend a few years drinking mojitos by the beach in a remote but sunny island.

Mar 1

Yes it is true, there are some days that I don’t wrote here. The reason is that I was in Belgium attending to the Fosdem event 😀 .

Fosdem is the biggest Open Source event that I attended, its really a big event, about 4000 open source enthusiastic’s. Fosdem is a well organized event to, all the conferences start in time and finish in time, have good facility’s, lot of conferences (to much in parallel in my opinion), and friendly and very helpful organizers.

I and my friends went to Brussels two days before Fosdem and stayed there two days after Fosdem, for visit the city, and because the low coast airlines online fly from Portugal to Brussels in Thursdays and Tuesdays. Brussels is a beautiful city with lot of things to see (Museums, churches and other old stuff), I thought that the city was bigger, the city center is small, you can see lot of things in just one day. Brussels have a well organized transport system (Metro, tram and Bus) that provide to the tourists cheap and easy access to all the city center.

In the Friday night we went to a very known event called “Friday beer event” 😀 . The distribution algorithm has very good for us, we drank lot of beer (we get a little drunk), Delirium Café has the Guiness record of more different beers for sale, we drank a few different beer flavors, like apple, strawberry, blackberrie, etc.. I love that bar 😀 .

In the Saturday and Sunday we go to the Fosdem event attend some conferences. In Saturday I liked to much of the Gnome and Mozilla DevRoom (the Mozilla DevRoom are very full :S), In Sunday I attended some conferences about virtualization (I don’t liked to much), at the afternoon I gave a little conference about BluePad, I had a good number of people in the room 😀 .

The event seemed very fast (only two days and a very full schedule), but it is worth going to Fosdem and also visit Brussels.

Feb 21

BluePad Logo

The version 0.4 of BluePad is out now, this new version add support for S60 mobiles, have some improvements in the server application and some bugs reported by the users are fixed now.

You can find the last version of BluePad at SourceForge.

Thanks to all who have tested BluePad and report bugs :D .

Feb 20

BluePad Logo

The design’s the same but now we’ll get you fresh content much more often and in an easy way due to the use of CMS Made Simple.

Feb 19

It true, BluePad can run in Nokia Series 60 devices, finally we find the bug 😀 .

Now we have a alternative version of BluePad for this devices, you can find this new version in the subversion, in the next days we will release a new package of BluePad with the support for the S60 devices and some bug fixes.

Feb 18

I will present BluePad in a lightning talk at Fosdem 2008.

The Lightning talk will be on the second day of the event at 16:20 hours.

You can see the Fosdem lightning talk schedule here.

Jan 18

BluePad Logo

The version 0.3 of BluePad is out today, this new version add a new mouse control functionality, some improvements in the Uinput driver (responsable for inject data into linux kernel) and some bugs reported by the users are fixed now.

You can find the last version of BluePad at SourceForge.

Thanks to all who have tested BluePad and did translations 😀 .

Dec 19

As requested by many users, BluePad has now a SVN repository and a mailing list.

This way you can always check the latest things in BluePad’s development and add yourself to the mailing list and communicate with “BluePad people”. Also check the forums on BluePad’s page.

To download the SVN version of BluePad all at once (don’t forget to install subversion first in your system):

$ svn co

This way you’ll get a “bluepad” folder with the project “trunk” within. In the trunk you find BluePad for PC and for Mobile folders.

In case you want to download each of BluePad’s parts separately (to get the mobile one into Sun’s WTK for example):

$ svn co


$ svn co

To upgrade to a new version, just do the following when inside a project folder:

$ svn up

Have fun with BluePad.

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