Nov 29


One of the new features of Mac OS X Leopard is the Time Machine, this new feature allow the users go back in time and recover deleted files and configurations. Now is possible to have a similar feature in Linux with Flyback.
Flyback is a snapshot-based backup tool based on rsync It creates successive backup directories mirroring the files you wish to backup, but hard-links unchanged files to the previous backup. This prevents wasting disk space while providing you with full access to all your files without any sort of recovery program. If your machine crashes, just move your external drive to your new machine and copy the latest backup using whatever file browser you normally use. Flyback have a simple GUI build with GTK, the OpenGL view of the directories like “Apple TIme Machine” will be a future work.

To install Flyback under Ubuntu you need the following packages : python-glade2 python-gnome2 python-gconf rsync.

After all dependencies are satisfied just extract the program, go the the new directory and run python .

Nov 28

There are the BluePad presentation in Sapo Codebits event, I and my friend Joaquim developed a mouse module for BluePad during the 24 hours of the contest.

Nov 26

Time Magazine write a article about the best inventions of the year. The top invention is the somewhat well-known iPhone, but there are some extremely cool projects included that I had certainly never heard of, including a device for capturing waste heat from car engines to increase efficiency up to 40%, a novel car designed to run entirely on compressed air claiming to have a range of 2000km with zero pollution, a James Bond style GPS tracking device that police can use to avoid high-speed chases, a small-scale printing press capable of printing and binding a paperback book in 3 minutes for under € 2/book, a microbe-based technology for turning soft sand into sandstone, a water-based display which uses computer controlled nozzles to produce coherent gaps in the water, and a way to convert type A, B, and AB-negative blood into type O.

Nov 25

At this website you can find a very complete Linux game list, the list contains free and commercial Linux games, with information about the games websites, genres, original developers and Linux porters. You can submit games to the list to, but the authors reserve the right to refuse to list games which suck 😀 .

Nov 23


Through python-wxtools package (available in Ubuntu universe repositories) you can obtain some interesting tools for Python. This package provide two interactive shells (PyShell and PyCrust), very useful for fast test of trunks of code, and a tool similar to Glade, but to build wxPython graphical applications called XRCed, this program is a good tool for build cross platform dialogs and user interfaces for your python applications.

After the package installation this tools can be find in the development menu of Gnome.

Nov 22

Ubuntu Users Map

If you are a Ubuntu user, you can say it to the world. Just add you Ubuntu forums name (if you have one) or your usual nickname and geographical information to the Ubuntu Users Map, you can choose your Ubuntu Flavor to.

Nov 21

Timer Applet

When we are working sometimes we forget to do something, we need to put a reminder to avoid this problem. Timer-applet is a small applet for the GNOME panel that does this for you. The applet takes the form of a small button sitting on the GNOME panel. When you click it, the timer setup dialog box appears, and you can put some reminders there, once the chosen time period elapses, the applet notifies you with a bubble, and the button begins to flash. This little applet is very good to put timers, reminding to rest a little bit, after working a couple of hours.

Timer-applet is available in Debian since etch and in Ubuntu since dapper. Ubuntu gutsy features the 2.0 version of timer-applet which has a slightly better user interface, you just need to download the package and add it to the GNOME panel.

For KDE users exist Kalarm, with similar functionalities.

Nov 20

Internet Map

Chris Harrison project has created a series of maps that show the geographical structure and distribution of the Internet. One visualization shows the density of Internet connections worldwide while the other displays how international cities are connected. Detailed Maps of Europe and North America are included as well.
The maps are available here.

Nov 19

Stallman attacked by ninjas

Richard Stallman was attacked by ninjas during a speech at Yale University. Apparently some students took it into their head to duplicate an XKCD webcomic before a live audience — luckily, though, Stallman didn’t resort to violence. Instead, he delivered an excellent speech about DRM.

Nov 18

Sergey Brin and Steve Horowitz from Google introducing the new open source Google SDK for mobile phones – The Android platform. There are good news for all the fans of open source software, this platform will be a engine to open source world, people will start look open source software with other eyes in the future. Thanks to Google 😀 .

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