Dec 30

Happy New year

May all the best wishes for 2008 become true.

Dec 29

Super Mário (Nintendo), Master Chief (Microsoft Halo) and Kratos (Sony Playstation) are the faces of a Greenpeace campaign to alert gamers to the dangers of the materials used in the building of the new generation game consoles. In this online campaign you can view some indicators about the level of pollution, energy use and other pollution factors of each new generation game console ( Xbox 360, PS3 and WII), after see this very hight indicators, you can write a complain e-mail to Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo to make the world a better place. You can even watch a sort movie where Mário, Master Chief and Kratos compare some of the ecological aspects of each game console and promise to fight for a better future 😀 .

Dec 24

 Happy Christmas to everybody 😀

Dec 22

Are you tired of search for documentation to play your favorite Windows Games under Linux ?

PlayOnLinux are the solution for you. It’s a whole of scripts written in Bash and Python which allow you to simply, automatically and intuitively configure or tweak WINE without headaches. Then your game will have his own configuration, made for your system and will be able to play with the most possible comfort. Members also can add their scripts, coded in an accessible to everybody language, for new games. An automatic script creator will even be included soon, to allow users to create their own scripts faster.

Now, the project support more than 50 games, add-ons and patches, you can check the supported game list here. Have a nice play 😀 .

Dec 20

The Dutch government has set a target date of April 2008 for its agencies to start preferentially using open standards-based software. Organizations in the government will still be able to use proprietary software and formats, but will have to justify it.

The Portuguese government should look for this example, because Netherlands is not the first country in Europe adopting Open Source Software in the administration, France, Germany, Sweden and other European countries are saving million of Euros using Open Source Software…maybe some day the Portuguese government open the eyes and make the switch to.

Dec 19

As requested by many users, BluePad has now a SVN repository and a mailing list.

This way you can always check the latest things in BluePad’s development and add yourself to the mailing list and communicate with “BluePad people”. Also check the forums on BluePad’s page.

To download the SVN version of BluePad all at once (don’t forget to install subversion first in your system):

$ svn co

This way you’ll get a “bluepad” folder with the project “trunk” within. In the trunk you find BluePad for PC and for Mobile folders.

In case you want to download each of BluePad’s parts separately (to get the mobile one into Sun’s WTK for example):

$ svn co


$ svn co

To upgrade to a new version, just do the following when inside a project folder:

$ svn up

Have fun with BluePad.

Dec 18

Google Knoll

“Google appears to be reinventing Wikipedia with their new product that they call knol (not yet publicly available). In an attempt to gather human knowledge, Google will accept articles from users who will be credited with the article by name. If they want, they can allow ads to appear alongside the content and they will be getting a share of the profits if that’s the case. Other users will be allowed to rate, edit or comment on the articles. The content does not have to be exclusive to Google but no mention is made on any license for it. Is this a better model for free information gathering?”

Will be Knol a new G-killer ? I think it will be…. 😀

Source: Slashdot.

Dec 17

During the 10th Hispalinux Congress I meet a nice guy called Gustavo Narea, he are co-founder of GNU/Linux Matters a non-profit organization with the goal of promote GNU/Linux to the non-technical users around the world.

GNU/Linux Matters is responsible for various projects around open source software, but the best known is Get Gnu/linux, a website it the propose to make common computer users understand that freedom in software is as important as freedom in society. Get Gnu/linux have some tips that help users switching to Linux, choose a distribution to use and explain the differences between Windows and GNU/Linux.

You can help GNU/Linux Matters with translations, donations or buying one of the cool t-shirts available in them website.

Dec 16

I am back from the 10th Hispalinux Congress in Spain, have been four excellent days, with lot of conferences and some amusement, during the event I meet persons that work around open source software in Europe and in some Latin America countries.

Me and my friend Joaquim went to the congress to present BluePad in the second day of the event, our conference have a good active assistance asking lots of questions, even we talk in our improvised Spanish 😀 . The event took place at the University of Extremadura that has good facilities for this kind of events.

During the days we went to the congress, assist conference and some workshops, at the nights we went to the center of Cáceres for dinner, Cáceres was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1986 because of the city’s blend of Roman, Islamic, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance styles, fruit of the many battles fought there throughout history, we only visit the city at night, but by what we saw, Cáceres is a very beautiful city, I recommend a visit to Cáceres.

The event closes with a dinner for the speakers and organization in a restaurant inside the Old Town of Cáceres. Besides the cold in this region of Spain have been four good days of learning exchanging ideas and experiences, thanks to Hispalinux.

Dec 12

Hispalinux Logo

Me and Joaquim are presenting BluePad at the 10th Hispalinux Congress.

The event will take place in Cáceres – Spain in December 13th, 14th and 15th, BluePad presentation will be in the second day of the event but we’re staying for the whole event.

The event is organized by Hispalinux the biggest Spanish association of Linux users and companies counting more than 8500 members.

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