Jan 30

Now I am working with Django in a project for a University course, I meet Django by a suggestion of my friend Joaquim Rocha, he made a search for Web framework’s and found Django.

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. The authors of Django describe Django as “The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines”.

After evaluate several Web Frameworks, we choose Django because it use Python and Python is our favorite programming language.

You could think that Django is not easy or powerful than other more popular Web frameworks , but you are wrong Django is very powerful, easy to learn and very faster for web development. So when you need to choose a web framework for do a project, before selecting one of the most popular is better take a look at Django.

In the video on top Jacob Kaplan-Moss one of the creators of Django talks about the framework in Google TechTalks’s, take a look to see how easy and powerful Django is 😀 .

Jan 27

Art for geeks

A guy called Paul the Wine Guy create a great little flickr collection of art for geeks where helpful designers have provided useful hints to help geeks better comprehend the confusing art world. The collection is very funny for people from the IT world 😀 .

Art for geeks

Jan 27

Soccer Deathmatch

Today I found another group of people that develop simple and cool game under GPL licence for Linux.

LosersJuegos is a group of programmers and artists with the goal of create open source games, share knowledge, art and documentation. You can find more information here. The entire website is in spanish, but you can find the games easily (in the menu “Juegos”).

Have a nice play 😀

Pocket volley

Jan 25

The LinuxHaxor.net gathered a list of 68 free e-books about Linux, the themes of the e-book are very diverse, including several areas of the Linux systems.

Check out the list here.

Jan 19

Cairo dock ubuntu 7.10

In this little tutorial I will explain a simple way of install in Ubuntu a dock similar to MacOSX dock, this dock is called cairo-dock.

1– Add to your sources.list the cairo-dock repository, go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources, and add this package source to Third-Party Software:

deb http://cairo-dock.vef.fr/ubuntu gutsy cairo-dock

2 – Close the Software Sources window, a new windows will appear asking you to update your package repository, hit update and wait a few seconds.

3– Go to a shell and write this line to install cairo-dock:

sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins

4 – Its done !! in the shell write the following line to start the cairo-dock:


The cairo-dock have lots of options, you can access this options doing a mouse right-click in the dock.

To add cairo-dock in your system startup, go to System -> Preferences -> Sessions and add the cairo-dock command there.

Cairo dock ubuntu 7.10

Jan 18

BluePad Logo

The version 0.3 of BluePad is out today, this new version add a new mouse control functionality, some improvements in the Uinput driver (responsable for inject data into linux kernel) and some bugs reported by the users are fixed now.

You can find the last version of BluePad at SourceForge.

Thanks to all who have tested BluePad and did translations 😀 .

Jan 17

Ubuntu 8.10 Mockup

Some Ubuntu Users think that Ubuntu needed some serious work on its interface, this mockup is a contribution of a user.

What do you think of this ?

Jan 16

“The British government’s educational IT authority has issued a report advising schools in the country not to upgrade their classroom or office systems to Windows Vista or Office 2007. According to this InformationWeek story, the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency says costs for Vista and Office 2007 ‘are significant and the benefits remain unclear.’ Instead, Becta is advising British schools to take a long look at Linux and open source suites like OpenOffice.org.”

Source Slahdot and InformationWeek.

Jan 15

Apricot Open Game

After have talked of Peach Open Movie, I found a new project from Crystal Space and Blender Foundation, this project consist in create a fully open game with professional quality. All data and code will be published and can be used in other projects (Creative Commons license), this new project is called Apricot Open Game.

In order to support this project you can pre-order the DVD (like the Peach Open Movie). This DVD will contain material like the game for Linux, Windows, and MacOS/X, all sources, all artwork and also the original sources used to make this artwork. And also documentation, tutorials and video material. This pre-order is very important for the producers as it gives the needed funds to make sure the project can go for six months. You can get more information at the Apricot Open Game Blog.

Jan 14

Many new Linux users ask how to put icons in the desktop, by default ubuntu don’t provide desktop icons like home folder, trash or computer, this mini tutorial will teach you how to do that.

1– Press CTRL+F2, a little windows will appear, write “gconf-editor” there.

Run command ubuntu

2 – The Gnome configuration editor will appear, go to apps —> nautilus —> desktop.

Gconf Editor

3 – In the right window mark the check boxes of the icons that you want to appear in the desktop.

4 – Close the editor and the icons should appear in the desktop.

Desktop Icons

Somewhat intuitive, but easy 😀

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