Mar 31


Pencil is an animation/drawing software that lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoons) using both bitmap and vector graphics. It is intended to be a simple program enabling anyone to make 2D animation.

Pencil runs on the 3 major operating system and is open source software :D

Mar 30

Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 beta has been released. It features GNOME 2.22 and uses Linux kernel 2.6.24. Furthermore, it uses Firefox 3 beta 4, and PulseAudio is enabled by default. To ease the transition of Windows users, it includes Wubi, which allows users to install and uninstall Ubuntu like any other Windows application. It does not require a dedicated partition, nor does it affect the existing bootloader, yet users can experience a dual-boot setup almost identical to a full installation.

A new countdown script is now available for the upcoming Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS release to. The script is meant to be used on your blog or website to further promote the upcoming release. You can get the script here.

Mar 29

During my research about augmented reality I found this interesting video with a very cool way of do virtual graffiti :D

Mar 24

“After a long battle with Linux users in the UK, the BBC was forced into releasing a flash version of the iPlayer streaming service to fulfill their obligations to license-fee payers. After claiming that development of Linux and Mac versions of the iPlayer would take two years, Auntie Beeb has rushed to support the iPhone. iPhone users ‘can be trusted’ because their platform is locked down … so the beeb opened a non-DRM hole in the iPlayer to support them. This was guarded by the extreme security of User Agent strings! Long story short, Linux and Mac users have made their own non-DRM, non-Microsoft platform from firebug and wget. UK users can now watch (and keep) their favorite BBC shows.”

Source: Slashdot

Mar 23

In a very interesting article in InfoWorld, Dan Tynan writes about the ‘7 Dirtiest Jobs’ in IT, he mentioned some really funny jobs like number three: Enterprise espionage engineer (black ops). ‘Seeking slippery individuals comfortable with lying, cheating, stealing, breaking, and entering for penetration testing of enterprise networks. Requirements include familiarity with hacking, malware, and forgery; must be able to plausibly impersonate a pest control specialist or a fire marshal. Please submit rap sheet along with resume.'”

Sounds like fun. 😀

Mar 17

Gnome 2.22

Mar 16

"Open Source, because it's open, so it's not secure"

Paul Wilson – Microsoft
at Microsoft Public Sector Day, 12 March 2008

Mar 15

Sun is continuing its acquisitions strategy, not of companies but prominent open source programmers. Sun announce that Ted Leung and Frank Wierzbicki will be joining Sun to work on all of the company’s Python projects.

Leung is an author, a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and a long-time Python developer at the Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF). Wierzbicki is the lead implementer of the Jython project (Python on the Java VM). The two join Debian Linux founder Ian Murdock, JRuby creators Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo and Nick Kew, a leading developer on the ASF platform, who have recently joined Sun to pursue open source projects.

They will both work on Jython, which enables Python to run on the JVM. Last month Sun’s CEO said the company wants to “take the J off the JVM and just make it a VM.”


Mar 14

Up until now, Adobe hasn’t done much in terms of porting its applications to Linux, the only products to have received any kind of Linux implementation are Flash and Acrobat Reader. This may be about to change because the company has announced a Linux port of AIR, its web application development software. No definite release date is mentioned yet , just a vague “later this year”.

Mar 12


GNOME-Do allows you to quickly search for many items present in your GNOME desktop environment (applications, Evolution contacts, Firefox bookmarks, files, artists and albums in Rhythmbox, Pidgin buddies, etc.) and perform commonly used actions on those items (Run, Open, Email, Chat, Play, etc.). GNOME-Do is inspired by Quicksilver and GNOME Launch Box.

For instructions how to install GNOME-Do in the most popular Linux distribution visit this link.

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