Apr 30

Harvard has started teaching open source to its aspiring MBA candidates. In the latest issue of Harvard Business Review, Harvard presents business managers with a tough decision: To open source a successful (but increasingly vulnerable) product or guard its intellectual property zealously? As the case study’s open source proponent suggests, “Open source is like a rising tide. You either float with it or drown.”

Source: Slashdot

Apr 29

Bossa conference is a great open source conference for mobile embedded platforms in a very cool place.
Where I get a invite for the next edition ? :D

Apr 28

Simply amazing, the guy use the build-in accelerometers to control the character in a very simple and fast way :D

Apr 27

During the last days, I played around with the OpenMoko Qemu emulator, there are some screenshosts.

OpenMoko new

The last user interface.

OpenMoko new

Simulating a call.

Qtopia OpenMoko

Qtopia in the emulator.

Old OpenMoko

The old interface.

Apr 25

Two funny OpenMoko videos, there are more 25 under the same user :)

Apr 24

Another great day for the open source world… Ubuntu Hardy Heron is officially released, congrats to everyone involved.

Apr 22


Yesterday I have a great new, I’ m in Google Summer of Code :)

I will work in OpenMoko inc. making some Bluetooth hacks :), later I will give some more details.

Apr 21

Python has a module for everything :D

Apr 20

Flapi is YDreams own in-house mascot, presumably used in a variety of augmented reality testing scenarios. In the video posted in Youtube, Flapi is controlled with a Logitech gamepad and comes eerily close to slapping hands with a human. YDreams is a Portuguese technology company specialist in information technology, telecommunications, image processing, geographic information systems and environmental engineering.

Apr 19

BluePad Logo

BluePad v0.5 has just been released.

This new version features a complete redesign of the main menu to support more variate phone screens.
Also, the Title Screen of death that makes you press 5 every time you use BluePad is now gone forever !!!

Currently the new version is only available on SVN but we plan on releasing it to SourceForge ASAP.

Here’s how to get the new jar:

$ svn co https://bluepad.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/bluepad/trunk/bluepad_mobile

This will create a bluepad_mobile folder in your current directory containing BluePad and BluePad_alternative folders.
The jar is inside the bin folder of both of the BluePad mobile versions.

Use the regular BluePad version unless you have a Nokia S60 or another phone that doesn’t like the normal version.

Soon we will made some improvements in the server part to.

Thanks to all who have tested BluePad, report bugs and have made suggestions :D .

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