May 31

May 30

Kari Tuutti Nokia spokesman, said in a PC world article that Nokia will expand the range of Linux power cellphones. That are good news for the Open Source world.

“We will expand that range, and we believe that the role of Linux will grow,” said Nokia spokesman Kari Tuutti.

Nokia itself has used Linux for years in its Internet tablets,large phone-like devices used to access Internet on the go, but lacking calling functionality, are examples of this devices the Nokia n800 and Nokia n810.

Full article here.

May 29

Firefox Download day

Firefox is attempting to setup the Guinness World Record for most software downloads in 24 hours, you can help to, it’s easy, just make a pledge in the site and in the downloads day (to be announce) just download Firefox 3, lets put Open Source in the book of records :)


May 28

Google’s latest Android prototype is very improved over the versions reveled at CES the GUI have a new clear and beautiful look and seems that all other applications gained larges improvements.

In this first video, we see an overview of the new interface and menu structure, including the clever pattern-based unlock screen. Much of the GUI can be interacted with – for instance pulling down the title bar reveals missed calls and new messages. You can also see the straightforward way to create shortcuts on the home screen; a matter of holding down your finger and then following through the contextual menus.

In the second video is showed Google’s Street View who gets the Android treatment with a built-in compass. That lets you pan around the location-based image, turning the handset into something of an augmented reality device.

In the third video is showed a port o Pacman to Android.

In the fourth video is showed a demo of Google Maps, you can see how closely the Android experience matches that of the desktop. All of the usual mapping options are present – satellite views, traffic, etc. – and, with a 3G network, load and update quickly.

Pacman in Android.

And a innovator unlock screen method.

Source Android Community

May 27

Valleywag made a interesting list of the top ten places to work, but the resulting submissions and exploration also provided them with an interesting look at some of the worst places to work. They explain why company’s like Yahoo, Google or Microsoft have bad workspaces:

“What makes them so bad? Some offend with exposed fluorescent lights, gray cubicles and a dystopian corporate sheen. But others, with their pseudo-hip graffiti, kindergarten toys and plastic decorations — all in a desperate attempt to seem ‘Internet-y’ — come off even worse.”

May 26

Beautiful Code

Today I received my surprise gift for my participation in Google Summer of Code, was I expected it is a book, a really good one :)

Google sent me a copy of Beautiful Code, this book is a compilation of articles here leading programmers explain how they think and how they resolve common problems during their programming.

Google sent the book by FedEx in a economical rate, that is really fast, I get the book in a few days, some guys in the students private mailinglist told me that get the book in Europe in less than 3 days, one of those guys calculated that the book traveled at a average speed of 112 km/h :)

May 25

LinuxLinks has made a list of their most favored native open source and free to download Linux games:

“”Can I game on it” is a frequently asked question we hear from Windows users toying with the idea of trying Linux for the first time. Well, the simple answer is yes! ”

The full article and the list here.

May 24


Gamasutra made a article about four grad students who created 50 games in one semester. The article presents their insights about game design, evaluating gameplay, and generally what makes for a fun game, it is a really impressive work.

May 18

A few days ago I wrote a post about Chumby, today I give you a review of Chumby done by a journalist of the Herald Tribune, it seems that after the review is was converted to the Chumby world to :D.

“So how, then, do you define the Chumby? Nobody quite knows, but it sure is a lot of fun.”

Full article here.

May 13

After the puzzle alarm clock this new gadget will take you out bed in the morning for sure :)

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