Jun 30

Nokia has placed an offer on Symbian stock — it currently owns a 48% share and intends to buy the other shareholders out. The press has already labeled this as an countermeasure to fight Android. Nokia has also created Symbian foundation — it might mean more open Symbian.” Symbian is “currently the world’s dominant smartphone operating system (206 million phones shipped, 18.5 million in Q1 2008),” . If this deal goes through as expected, the Foundation says that selected components of the Symbian operating system would be made available as open source at launch under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) 1.0 , with the rest of the platform following over the next two years.

Source Slashdot

Jun 25

To celebrate the release of the Postal movie, Running With Scissors has released a free download version of Postal 2: Share the Pain. This is the complete multiplayer portion of the game, with the single player campaign removed.

A Linux version of the game can be Downloaded at 0day.icculus.org or treefort.icculus.org

Jun 23

Neo FreeRunner

Today in the morning I received my OpenMoko Neo Freerunner, thanks to the OpenMoko inc. to give cool stuff to the Google Summer of Code students :)

Neo FreeRunner

Neo FreeRunner

Jun 22

Jun 17

Created in 16 hours at the mobile developer event – Over the Air in London. The lastminute.com labs team combined accelerometers bluetooth and magical python coding skills to create “PhoneFight” – a sword fighting game using your Nokia N95 device.

Lastminute.com labs showcase phone fight at MoMoLondon from ribot on Vimeo.

Jun 14

PS3 Ubuntu

Popular Mechanics shows step by step guide on how to install Ubuntu Linux on a PlayStation 3 and still keep the PS3 gaming functionality.

Jun 13

Google announced it has ported its Google Desktop Gadgets platform to Linux, making it the first cross-platform desktop gadgets framework. In a sign that Google is fully embracing the open source model, it admits the product is not feature-complete and has opened up the code base hosted on Google Code ‘to give everyone a chance to tinker with the code powering the gadgets.’ According to Google: “Gadget support is not just a single feature, but rather an entire platform for miniature applications.'”

Source: Slashdot

Jun 12

Stefan Grothkopp has come up with a tool called goosh. It’s essentially a browser-oriented, shell-like interface that allows you to quickly search Google (and images and news) and Wikipedia and get information in a text-only format. Is a very geek and pretty tool :)

Jun 10

The article ‘13 reasons why Ruby, Python and the gang will push Java to die… of old age‘ makes an interesting analysis of the programming languages battling for a place in programmers’ minds. What really makes a language popular? What really makes a language ‘good’? What is success for a programming language? Check out the answers here.

Jun 8

 XKCB cartoon

New York Times wrote a article about the comic strips site XKCD and the story behind the fantastic strips that make us laugh so much, in the article are referred the constants jokes comparing C to python that Mr Randall like to do, showing the Python power.

“FOR a certain subset of Internet users, “Sudo make me a sandwich” may as well be “Take my wife … please.”

Perhaps some explanation is in order. Before giving up the goods, however, we should heed the warning of Randall Munroe, the 23-year-old creator of xkcd, a hugely popular online comic strip (at least among computer programmers) where the sandwich line appeared. Mr. Munroe believes that analyzing a joke is like dissecting a frog — it can be done, but the frog dies. ”

Full article here.

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