Jul 22

“Students studying computing in the UK and US are outsourcing their university coursework to graduates in India and Romania. Work is being contracted out for as little as £5 on contract coding websites usually used by businesses. Students are outsourcing everything from simple coursework to full blown final year dissertations. It’s causing a major headache for lecturers who say it is almost impossible to detect.”

The irony, of course, is that if they actually get jobs in the sector, this will be how they actually work anyway.

Source Slashdot

Jul 20

Ipod Linux

Linux is a powerful and versatile operating system that can be utilized to hack just about any electronic hardware device. To prove it, I have here a list of popular gadgets that are already known to run Linux.

Jul 19

XFCE in openmoko

Source scap.linuxtogo 

Jul 14

Jul 13

User Friendly

Jul 9

Lively by Google is a new product available in Google Labs, you can create an avatar and chat with your friends in rooms that you design.

Jul 7

Really cool 😀

Jul 4

Linux Strip

Jul 2

UME (Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded) is not ready for your mobile phone or pda yet, but it will work on the new batches of ultra small x86 pc’s that are emerging from major manufacturers.

So you’ve seen the pretty video and now you want it. Well follow the simple guide here and you can test it on your pc using KVM (kernel virtual machine) or MIC (moblin image creator). There are a bunch of things to try out here.

Jul 1

Apricot – Playable Demo! from Pablo Vazquez on Vimeo.
Apricot – the open source game have now the first playable demo, you can download the game here.