Aug 31

Aug 29

ReMoko Acceleromter profile

A new version of ReMoko is now available for download, the key feature of this new version is the possibility to send events through accelerometer gestures. I used the Paul’s gestures daemon, also made in the GSoC, to catch the gestures. All the gestures are configurable, so you can control a slideshow, a presentation or any program that you want. I’m waiting for some nice community videos of ReMoko :)

ReMoko Acceleromter profile

Aug 28

Poky Linux

Poky Linux and Matchbox developer OpenedHand announced that it has been acquired today by Intel Corp. The U.K.-based embedded Linux services team will join the Intel Open Source Technology Center, and will focus on Moblin development for mobile Internet devices and other mobile devices.

According to the OpenedHand website, Intel will continue supporting open source projects currently led by OpenedHand staff such as Clutter and Matchbox projects, and in most cases, will accelerate these projects as they become an integral part of Moblin.

Aug 23

OOo Easter egg

Start OpenOffice Spreadsheet.

In an empty field, type: =GAME("StarWars")

Have Fun :)

Aug 22

Ben Collins-Sussman a technical lead of Google’s Open Source Project Hosting service, wrote a very interesting article about the insecurity that programmers have in their code:

“… And yet over and over, I’m gathering stories that point to the fact that programmers do not want to write code out in the open. Programmers don’t want their peers to see mistakes or failures. They want to work privately, in a cave, then spring “perfect” code on their community, as if no mistakes had ever been made. I don’t think it’s hubris so much as fear of embarrassment. Rather than think of programming as an inherently social activity, most coders seem to treat it as an arena for personal heroics, and will do anything to protect that myth. They’re fine with sharing code, as long as they present themselves as infallible, it seems. Maybe it’s just human nature. …”

Full article here.

Aug 21

The Linux kernel is one of most complex open source projects. Even though there are a lot of books on the Linux kernel, it is still a difficult subject to comprehend. The interactive Linux kernel map is here to help you, giving you a top-down view of the kernel. You can see the most important layers, functionalities, modules, functions, and calls. Each function on the map is a link to its source code. The map is interactive, you can zoom in and drag around to see more details on the kernel components.

Aug 19

ReMoko is my Google Summer of code project,  is a application that can make Openmoko-powered devices appear to be a mixed Bluetooth keyboard-and-mouse device, through a full Bluetooth HID driver. Here are some screenshots of the UI:

remoko menu

Remoko Menu


remoko mouse

 Remoko Mouse Profile


Remoko presentation profile

Remoko Presentation Profile


Remoko multimedia profile

Remoko Multimedia Profile


More information here.

Aug 18

In the last months I worked for Google as part of Google Summer of Code program, the program was a very good experience for me, I learned a lot and meet very interesting people that help me in my project. Now I gonna slow down my work to rest a little bit, but soon I will be back to improve my open source projects.

I have to thank my mentor Daniel Willmann that helped me in all the OpenMoko stuff, Claudio Takahasi that helped me in some BlueZ related problems and all Google Staff that made Google Summer of Code a incredible learning experience, specially to Leslie Hawthorn for this very hard work, responding to thousand of mails, shipping stuff and resolving all the problem in few minutes. LH you never sleeps ? :)

Aug 10

Linux is dangerous !!!


Aug 8

The new OpenMoko distribution as released in the wild today.

Om 2008.8 is one of the many distributions that currently work on the Openmoko phones. You can compare a distribution with an Operating System on normal computers.

Om 2008.8 is the successor to Om 2007.2 and had ASU as a codename. Om 2008.8 uses EFL for the launcher, custom UI applications and Qtopia on X11 for telephony. It is the first step from GTK+ on x11 to using multiple toolkits in combination. Om 2008.8 now supports EFL, Qtopia and GTK+ applications.

Some screenshots:

ASU home screen

ASU installer

ASU diversity

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