Sep 24

gnome 2.24

Release notes here.

Sep 22


A startup called NeoPwn has customized the OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner to act as a network security penetration testing device. Booting BackTrack Linux off a MicroSD card to perform penetration testing, the NeoPwn is the first network auditing distribution for a mobile phone, claims the company.

More info here.

Sep 11

nokia n810

Sep 10

Sep 8

Two community videos showing BluePad running :)

The two videos are spoken in Spanish.

Thanks for the support guys :)

Sep 7

More info here.

Sep 6

Rafael Ignacio Zurita made a custom version of Duke Nukem 3D for the OpenMoko phones, that can be played with the accelerometers built in the phone, watch the video above for more details. You can get all the files here, and some instructions here and here.

Sep 5

The video quality is a little bit bad, but is the best I can do with my phone. I’m waiting for some OpenMoko community videos :)

Sep 2

HTC Dream

HTC Dream

More photos here.

Sep 1

windows vista fun