Oct 29

A few days ago I tried to connect my n810 to my University wifi network (WPA-TKIP-EAP-PEAP-MASCHAPv2), but after following the Linux tutorial for the eduroam network, the device discovered the network, but can’t connect to it.

After a few tests I discovered a way to get my table connected to the eduroam networks.

Here is a little tutorial for the OS2008 with all system updates:

First you have to install a certificate for the network, go to Settings -> Control panel -> Certificate manager and click in import. My university provide two different certificates (.pem and .cer) only the .cer works in maemo.

After the certificate is correctly installed, go to Connectivity -> Connections and create a new network, following the steps below.

eduroam maemo

eduroam maemo

eduroam maemo

eduroam maemo

eduroam maemo

eduroam maemo

eduroam maemo

Oct 22

Fennec Alpha Walkthrough from Madhava Enros on Vimeo.

I already have it on my n810, very interesting piece of software, a little bit buggy right now, but deserve a try :)

Oct 21

Google announce today that the fully android system is now released under open source. Good news for the mobile developers :)

You can read the announcement here and download the code here.

Oct 21


More details here.

Oct 20


Very funny video :), but the contest worth a try for QT developers, the prizes are very cool :)

Oct 19


The first release of BlueMaemo is now available on garage.maemo. I’m very happy with all the community feedback and support, thanks to all the guys that sent me emails and made blog posts about BlueMaemo.

Download instructions and other information can be found here.

Oct 15


Oct 13


A new version of ReMoko is available for download right now, I made some small changes and fix some bugs, the changelog is below.

remoko 0.3.2

* Added Support to bluez-utils version > 3.33 with the new input service system
* Fixed the win+f bug
* Credits screen updated

remokoserver 0.2.1

* Fixed project name and version
* Close all sockets when connection is lost

Oct 11

BlueMaemo is my new Open Source project :), basically BlueMaemo is a port of my Google Summer of Code project, ReMoko, to the Maemo powered devices.

With BlueMaemo you can turn any Maemo-powered devices in a mixed Bluetooth keyboard-and-mouse device through the HID Bluetooth profile. Right now the program still in a alpha version, I’ve planned the first release for the next week. The program functionalities are very similar to the ReMoko functionalities, exception to the accelerometer profile that doesn’t exist in BlueMaemo, because any of the Maemo devices have accelerometer capabilities. The program UI still very beta right now, I’ve to make some changes in order to support different UI themes. In order to support the maemo devices without a hardware keyboard, I had to add a virtual keyboard to the keyboard profile, I reuse a keyboard shipped in the python-efl demos, this virtual keyboard are made in INdT Brazil, so the credits of the virtual keyboard graphics belongs to them.

Oct 7

A will ago I bought a new webcam for play around with some image and video programming toolkits. After a quick search in the web I realize that the Creative webcams have a good Linux compatibility, so I bought a Creative webcam. When I plugged the webcam in my Ubuntu box I realize that Ubuntu don’t support this webcam yet, but I found some drivers in the web that work partially. Today I found that is possible to have that webcam running in Ubuntu without any problem and fully functional.

There are my installation instructions for Ubuntu 8.04:

sudo apt-get install subversion linux-headers-2.6.your_kernel_version
mkdir webcam-driver
svn co svn://rastageeks.org/svn/ov51x-jpeg/trunk webcam-driver
cd webcam-driver
sudo make install
sudo modprobe ov51x-jpeg

You can also add “ov51x-jpeg” to “/etc/modules” to auto load the camera module on startup.
To test the camera you can install one of the Ubuntu camera programs, I recommend “Cheese” :)

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