Nov 27

A startup named Mgestyk Technologies claims that they have an affordable solution for ‘Minority Report’-like PC control. In the video above they use hand gestures to play games like Halo and Guitar Hero, as well as perform ‘multi-touch’ interactions for applications like Google Earth.

Nov 23

That’s really hurts :)

Nokia n79 drop test shot at 100,000 frames per second.

Nov 22

Very funny video, especially the ending :)

Nov 21


Jono Bacon in UDS Seville, Spain from Lolbuntu.


“Zapatistas” at DebConf 6 – Photo by gnrfan, from Loldebian.

Nov 20

Openmoko Sapo Codebits

As I post here previously, I went to Sapo Codebits  event in the last week, with my friends. The first day of the event and the morning of the second day was only conferences, the rest of the event was several contests, including a 24-hours programming contest.

In the first day of the event I met Marcus Bauer, the TangoGPS creator, he  shown some OpenMoko phones there and also gave a presentation about OpenMoko, he shown me how to install debian in a freerunner in a few minutes, using the Hackable1 distro, a very cool and easy way to try out debian on the neo SD card.

I participated in the 24-hours programming competition, my idea was turn my freerunner in a mouse and gamepad (like the wiimote) using the accelerometers. My knowledge about the accelerometers are very low, so I started getting the accelerometers data with a Python script to see the data behavior. I noticed a wrong behavior when I turn my freerunner quickly, the accelerometer seems to stall,  after a quick search in the ML archive I found that some kernel’s have this behavior, so I flash my freerunner with some old kernel’s until found a stable kernel. The accelerometer mouse required a lot of work until I get a smooth mouse movement. I also don’t knew that the acelerometers are very sensitive, and the data for the accelerometer suffer changes even if the freerunner are steady in a table. The gamepad accelerometer required less work, I used some of the ReMoko code with a few changes in the event sending methods, in order to send continues key presses, to the freerunner acts like a really gamepad. In the morning when I had my project almost completed, after some hours without sleep, I broken the BlueZ libs in my laptop, after doing a stupid mistake in the cross compiling process, this cost me about a hour to put everything in place again:). But I found some time to wrote a beta UI for my project and gave the project the silly name: AccelMoko.

After the competition ends, starts the presentation session of the projects developed during the event, the participants have only 90 seconds to present the projects to the judge and audience, when one participant finish the time another participant starts talking, in a non stop way, 82 projects enter in the contest this year (small games, web stuff, ideas …). My project was in the 20th position, my presentation had a very good feedback from the audience (they have a live voting system, with two choices “I like” and “I don´t like”). When all the participants finished there presentation, the judge gathered for about a hour to decide the winning projects.

To be sincere, I only participate in contest in a “sportive” way, I don’t had any hope to win, but… my project was the most voted by the audience and also I got the first place in the judge votes :D. So a OpenMoko project wins the Sapo Codebits 2008 competition.

In the next weeks I will merge the AccelMoko code into the ReMoko project.

Nov 17

rancho logo alpha

A while ago I started a project with my friend Joaquim Rocha in a University course, the project aim to develop an Open Source group/project management tool, Joaquim suggest we should try out Django, since we are Python lovers :). Time goes on and other project appear, but …

Today I proudly announce that Rancho 0.1 alpha is out!!!

Rancho goal is to make it easy for any company or group of people to manage its projects and people.

You can see a list of the Rancho features here, download Rancho from here or try a running demo here. Both the user name and password are ‘admin’.

In case you like Rancho, give us a hand and help us translating Rancho to your language, you also can join Rancho Google Group to get in touch with other Rancho users and developers.

Nov 12

Sapo codebits

For the distracted OpenMoko Portuguese users and fan’s, tomorrow will be held a conference about OpenMoko in the Sapo Codebits event. Marcus Bauer, the TangoGPS creator, will talk about development of applications for the Neo Freerunner. I will post a video of the conference in the next days (the organization will record all the talks).

Sapo Codebits is a event inspired in Y! Hack Day, but with some addons, the event is composed by a programming and art contest, conferences, workshops and music concerts. I will participate in the programming contest, I probably will do some small application for my Neo Freerunner :).

Nov 4

Sorry by the video quality :)

Thanks to all the people that help in the Android port to the OpenMoko phones, specially to Sean Mcneil.
Grab the kernel image and rootfs here.

You need to have a SD card inserted on the neo in order to boot android, the card must have a fat and a ext3 partition.
Don’t expect a fully functional system, but it’s fun to test, and surprisingly runs fast :)

Nov 2

android on neo

Yes it’s true, the Neo 1973 and the Neo Freerunner will be the second phones with the Android OS, the port is almost done. I hope the Android devs at Google give some help in the remain glitches.

I’m anxious to test it on my freerunner :)

More info here and here.