Dec 31

Happy new year

May all the best wishes for 2009 become true.

Dec 24

tux christmas

Dec 23

Mozilla just announced the release of Fennec alpha 2 for the N810, you can found the release notes and how to install this browser in your tablet here.

After a few tests it seems a little bit faster that the first Fennec release,  but it still a little bit far from the MicroB performance in my opinion.

Fennec Alpha 2 Overview from Madhava Enros on Vimeo.

Dec 22

Dec 12

4 people worked together simultaneously on a single Google Docs spreadsheet. Each cell in the 100 row x 186 col spreadsheet was filled using 18 different colors. The entire process was captured in time-lapse.

Dec 4
Stanford artificial intelligence researchers have developed software that makes it easy to reach inside an existing video and place a photo on the wall so realistically that it looks like it was there from the beginning. The photo is not pasted on top of the existing video, but embedded in it It works for videos as well – you can play a video on a wall inside your video. The technology can cheaply do some of the tricks normally performed by expensive commercial editing systems.

More information here.

Dec 3 has demonstrated a basic Linux 2.6 kernel and OpeniBoot bootloader for iPhone. The port lacks support for touchscreen, audio, WiFi, or cellular communications, but some work was already there.

More information here .

Dec 2

Nokia unveiled today the new nokia nseries, the Nokia n97. This new device feature a 3.5-inch, 640 x 360 pixel (that’s a 16:9 aspect ratio) resistive touchscreen display with tactile feedback, QWERTY keyboard, HSDPA, WiFi, and Bluetooth radios, A-GPS, a 3.5-mm headjack, 32GB of onboard memory with microSD expansion (for up to 48GB total capacity), and a battery capable of up to 1.5 days of continuous audio playback or 4.5-hours video. 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss glass and “DVD quality” video capture at 30fps, too. The specs are pretty impressive, its a pity that the OS will be Symbian instead of the beloved maemo linux :) .

The N97 will launch with a retail price set at around €550 excluding subsidies and taxes, phone will ship in the summer of 2009, so a along wait :(

Dec 2

More info here.