Aug 25

GSoC is already over, and the Maemo Community had a very successful participation this year, all students successfully completed the program, some with more difficulties than others, but in general, I’m very happy with the final results.

I hope that all who had involved in our organization have had a very pleasant time and a great learning experience. Let’s hope that we can run similar programs inside our community more times in the future, with the knowledge acquired, the benefits for the community will be even bigger, for sure :) .

I would like to thank some individuals and some company’s which had an important role in our GSoC participation:

Our mentors: Eduard Bartosh(ed_), Eduardo Lima(etrunko), Florian Boor(florian), Gary Birkett(lcuk), Gustavo Chaves(glima), Luis Felipe Strano Moraes(lfelipe), Rafael Antognolli(antognolli), Thomas Perl(thp), Ulisses Furquim Freire da Silva(Ryback_) and all the others that don’t had an student assigned.

Our Students:
Amit Sethi(amit_usual), Andrei Mirestean(andrei1089), Andrey Popelo(apopelo), Feng Gao(derkaiser), Kasun Herath(kasun), Kirtika Ruchandani(rkirti), Lauri Võsandi(v6sa), Max Usachev(plastun), Thiago Borges Abdnur(bolaum) and Zachary Habersang(z4chh).

Our Community: Everybody that proposed project ideas and helped our students, especially the Mer guys (I’m looking at you Stskeeps et al 😉 ).

Nokia: For sponsoring the trip & accommodation of the students and mentors that attended the Mozilla Maemo Danish Weekend held in Copenhagen, especially Quim Gil for the help given during the program.

Texas Instruments:
For the Beagleboard kindly offered to Kirtika, was a great help for her project.

For running this successfully program, especially the GSoC team(Leslie, Ellen et al) and the Melange team.

Here’s some screenshots of our students work, more screenshots can be found in lfelipe’s blog.



Maemo OE


Aug 5

The Maemo Summit is a showcase for the Maemo community, so it’s important to get the word out.

We are looking for help, specially from those who have designing skills, but everybody can help :)

You can help us promote the event in several ways:

* Create cool promotion banners, web badges or flyers.
* Write about the summit on your website, and add the url here.
* Help in the Summit merchandise design.
* Add banners/web badges in your website, put flyers in your work place/university/user group.
* Join the Maemo Summit groups in social networks.
* Spread the word about the summit, among your friends and colleagues.

Ideas, thoughts ? Come discuss with us