ReMoko is my Google Summer of code project,  is a application that can make Openmoko-powered devices appear to be a mixed Bluetooth keyboard-and-mouse device, through a full Bluetooth HID driver. Here are some screenshots of the UI:

remoko menu

Remoko Menu


remoko mouse

 Remoko Mouse Profile


Remoko presentation profile

Remoko Presentation Profile


Remoko multimedia profile

Remoko Multimedia Profile


More information here.

20 Responses

  1. Charles Says:

    Is the any chance of getting a video on YouTube with ReMoko in action? That would help me get through the week while I wait for my Freerunner to get here. It would also help people outside the Openmoko community see what cool stuff is happening.

  2. Paul V. Borza Says:

    Your app really look amazing. Seriously!

  3. Daniel Grivicic Says:

    Hi, I tried your application on the 2008.8 raster + zecke image. The install is fine but it “crashed” (No error returned – normal exit). If I have the time would a suggested debug method be to attach the application to a debug session via tcp? I’m not to familiar debugging on such a device. ReMoko looks like a great program and I’ll continue to try to make it work. Thanks for your contribution Daniel.

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  5. admin Says:

    @Charles – soon I will make a video

    @Paul – Thanks

  6. admin Says:

    @Daniel- you have to start the program in a terminal or by ssh to see some debug messages, some blueZ packages are broken in the testing feeds. I can help you debuging the app, if you send me the debug message by mail.
    You can also check the ReMoko dependencies in the ReMoko wiki page (the package manager is a little bit broken right now).

  7. admin Says:

    @Daniel – You probably need this package – python-textutils.

    Best regards.

  8. Daniel Grivicic Says:

    Thank you Valerio I will try.

  9. Daniel Grivicic Says:

    Thanks Valerio. Yes my dependencies were wrong. Bluez is only 3.23 even after an upgrade. I’ll let you know how I go.

  10. admin Says:

    @Daniel – It will work with BlueZ 3.23 and probably it some older blueZ versions

  11. Kelvan Says:

    This looks very nice.

    I’m using Sid with Kaffeine as my MediaCenter, can I control kaffeine with Remoko (I haven’t saw a TV profile at the screenshots to switch a channel)?


  12. admin Says:

    @kelven – You can control everything :) You just need to configure one of the existent profiles with the kaffeine shortcuts.

  13. Kelvan Says:

    Can I control the world with it? 😀
    … what kind of shortcuts do I need therefore …

    So I just have to wait till my Neo is back from pulster (speaker problem :()
    Neo deprivation is not nice 😉 …

  14. admin Says:

    @Kelvan – If the world have a Bluetooth interface maybe you can control it with ReMoko, lol

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  16. kelvan Says:

    Do you plan do integrate the gesture regocnition from Paul V. Borza?
    This two cool apps in one would be amazing.

  17. admin Says:

    @Kelvan – The gestures are already there:

  18. kelvan Says:

    Foo, I’m to slow for this OSS development stuff or you are to fast 😉

  19. Raghavendran Says:

    Just an amazing app! Thank you so much.

  20. polarbaer Says:

    It definately is a great app, I used to use it a lot.
    But since SHR has bluez4 for a while now it doesn’t work anymore. Is there any chance that you will port it to use bluez4 instead of bluez3? I think quitte a few people would be quite thankful.