ReMoko Video

The video quality is a little bit bad, but is the best I can do with my phone. I’m waiting for some OpenMoko community videos :)

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  1. ebby Says:

    Hi Valério!

    This looks interesting. Nice work you’ve done during GSOC. Thanks.

  2. Nico Says:

    This is a real killer applications! there is nothing so nice even in the symbian or midlet world!

  3. Treviño Says:

    All this is really cool!
    I’ll love my Neo even more! 😛

  4. Paul V. Borza Says:

    Very cool, but you should ask someone to help you record it, like the one holding the camera from different angles, and even recording the screen with vnc. Nice work!

  5. Toby Says:

    Hi Valério,

    looks great! :) Does ReMoko already support switching presentation slides via gestures? I’d love to see that.


  6. admin Says:

    @ebby, Nico, Treviño – Thanks for your kind words :)

    @Paul – I know Paul, but I left my camera at home, with my phone the video quality will be low again. Thanks

    @Toby – Yap it supports, but I have to ask someone to do the video, is impossible to show, with my “steady camera” :)

  7. rysiek Says:

    Oh… my… God!

    That is absolutely, positively awesome! First thing as soon as I will find a sec – to play with it!

    One question though:
    are there any plans on using the built-in accelerometers as input for the mouse? That could be another killer, just imagine, two buttons on the moko’s screen conveniently under fingers and the accelerometers giving input needed to point the mouse. What freedom (sic!)! :)

  8. FloWher Says:

    Coool !! Really interesting thing.
    Don’t let any Nokia-like gigant to eat your idea without asking!

  9. admin Says:

    @rysiek – Yap, the games profile will have a similar feature, will be very fun play neverball with ReMoko :)

  10. Schugy Says:

    Video trapped in Adobe flash trash is bad. Even downloadhelper ff-extension doesn’t help me to reconvert it into a avi-format that works with any videoplayer like xine, mplayer or vlc.
    I’m really astonished how many “supporters of openness” don’t care about free video formats.

  11. admin Says:

    @Schugy – Most of the Linux video players support .flv videos (totem, vlc,mplayer…), probably you will need some codecs for that. But you can also download the video with Pytube for example. Youtube is the best way to share videos right now (without any silly add), blame google for use Flash their :)

  12. Lukas Says:

    Awesome, I will try this out one day. I just found your blog and I really like it, thx!