Duke Nukem 3D on Openmoko played with accelerometers


Rafael Ignacio Zurita made a custom version of Duke Nukem 3D for the OpenMoko phones, that can be played with the accelerometers built in the phone, watch the video above for more details. You can get all the files here, and some instructions here and here.

6 Responses

  1. patrick91 Says:

    WOW. I really want this phone 😀

  2. swap38 Says:

    Incredible ! I played this games during hours and hours when I was young !

    So nice to see it on a neo1973, I think it can run faster on a neo FreeRunner.

    Thanks for this video, Valerio.

  3. jaebird Says:

    The neo1973 does not have accelerometers, so this may be an engineering sample of the freerunner or in a different case!


  4. mokolover Says:

    you have accelerometers in the NEO1973?
    please tell how 😉

  5. Telefoninux: molto più che un telefono « pollycoke :) Says:

    […] non avevate mai pensato che col telefoninux si potesse giocare ad uno sparatutto, sfruttandone gli accelerometri per guidare i movimenti del personaggio? Sì, ho fatto anche io […]

  6. lan games Says:

    Its so sad… i am still wating for Duke Forever and i still have a spark of hope!