BlueMaemo 0.1 released


The first release of BlueMaemo is now available on garage.maemo. I’m very happy with all the community feedback and support, thanks to all the guys that sent me emails and made blog posts about BlueMaemo.

Download instructions and other information can be found here.

6 Responses

  1. charles Says:

    love this idea. what bluetooth device profiles (or whatever) are you using? it’d be great if i could get my mac to recognize my n800 as an input device. it sees the device, and seems to want to configure it as a keyboard. it ends up dropping the connection whenever i switch modes in bluemaemo.

  2. Bloodboiler Says:

    Great app. I’ve been hoping for something like it.

  3. SethDove Says:

    Where’s my last comment?
    I only stated a fact along with some excitement. What was wrong with that?

  4. admin Says:

    I’m using the default HID bluetooth profile.Mac Os have some issues, I will try to do a more compatible version in the next release of bluemaemo.

  5. admin Says:

    @SetDove – Your comment is here:

  6. ldezem Says:

    Lovely software.. In youtube. But with my mac 10.4.11 it does not work.. Any chance for supporting older macs in future releases?

    I am primerally interested in bluemaemo as a live music controller. In lack of a mrmr app for maemo this could work triggering samples etc. Could this app support osc and/or midi? And work trough usb.. for low latency?