Android on the Neo

android on neo

Yes it’s true, the Neo 1973 and the Neo Freerunner will be the second phones with the Android OS, the port is almost done. I hope the Android devs at Google give some help in the remain glitches.

I’m anxious to test it on my freerunner :)

More info here and here.

5 Responses

  1. Raseel Says:

    Awesome !! Now only if they could make the handset slightly less …. “clunky”, it would be near-perfect.

  2. Paulo Aboim Pinto Says:

    This Neo 1973 it’s an excelent machine …

    With this I will buy one and put android to work…
    Now I will not buy an IPod .. I will use this.

    Paulo Aboim Pinto
    Odivelas – Portugal

  3. somebodt Says:

    I really hope that google devs will help you with this one…

  4. Joe Says:

    So where do I download an image to flash into my Neo1973?

    After 40mins of surfing, I can’t find one. (Only for FreeRunner, nothing for Neo1973).

  5. admin Says:

    @Joe – No Clue,I have a freerunner, the image above was taken by the guys of Kernel Open Labs – more info at