Video: Android on the Neo Freerunner

Sorry by the video quality :)

Thanks to all the people that help in the Android port to the OpenMoko phones, specially to Sean Mcneil.
Grab the kernel image and rootfs here.

You need to have a SD card inserted on the neo in order to boot android, the card must have a fat and a ext3 partition.
Don’t expect a fully functional system, but it’s fun to test, and surprisingly runs fast :)

2 Responses

  1. efgee Says:

    three questions, namely:
    – which size do the SD-card partitions need to be?
    – does it work for SDHC?
    – are the images GTA01 or GTA02?

    I couldnt find that info oO”

  2. admin Says:

    1-No default size needed in the sd partitions, my sd have 8M for the fat and the rest of the card for the ext3 partition (512M card).
    2- No.
    3- The images are for the neo freerunner, so GTA02, but other users successfully boot android in the neo 1973 too.