Fennec Alpha 2 released

Mozilla just announced the release of Fennec alpha 2 for the N810, you can found the release notes and how to install this browser in your tablet here.

After a few tests it seems a little bit faster that the first Fennec release,  but it still a little bit far from the MicroB performance in my opinion.

Fennec Alpha 2 Overview from Madhava Enros on Vimeo.

2 Responses

  1. Обновилась версия веб-браузера Fennec для интернет-планшета N800/N810 | The Tablet Blog Says:

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  2. Ren Says:

    Fennec sounds good but i wont be installing it because it has the “awesome toolbar”. This feature is widely rejected and users have to install an addon to work around it. It is very dissapointing to see such a wonderful platform limited by the decision to force this feature on unwilling users.