Maemo dinner at Fosdem

The Maemo community is organizing a dinner during Fosdem (probably Saturday night), if you have plans to attend Fosdem conference, feel free to add your name to the attendees table, and let us know if your are interested in the Maemo dinner and what are your prefered night(s).

We also need some help of people from Brussels or nearby, in order to find a central place with fair prices to host the Maemo dinner, suggestions ?? All the help is appreciated :)  .

4 Responses

  1. andre klapper Says:

    There’s also a GNOME evening planned on saturday that I like to attend, but maybe we can find a place nearby so I/we could join the Gnomers later on. :-)

  2. admin Says:

    @Andre -Good idea the two events are compatible :)
    I would like to attend the Gnome event too, and I think other ‘Maemo people’ share the same love about Gnome :)

  3. Robert Kaiser Says:

    Mozilla people have a Saturday dinner event as well, at the Le Roy d’Espagne, Grand Place. This would be another possibility for coordination.

  4. Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) Says:

    Same here! But i think the GNOME event is a beer party and Maemo event is a dinner so if Maemo dinner is somewhere nearby the pub where GNOMER event is and is a bit earlier (6:30?), everythign should work out just fine.