BlueMaemo controlling a PS3

Thanks to astrogirl for the video and the tutorial.

5 Responses

  1. jukey Says:

    mhhh… I never get this application working with every notebook/desktop I tried it. Nice to see that other people are able to use it with strange stuff like consoles 😉

  2. admin Says:

    @Jukey – Why not ?
    If you need some help send me a e-mail.

  3. С помощью BlueMaemo можно контролировать PS3 | The Tablet Blog Says:

    […] Источник: […]

  4. Carlo Says:

    Really cool application. Works fine on XP. Still have to try on Ubuntu.

    On PS3 I get following error during registering following the same waz then shown in your video.

    “An error occured during the register operation. Try to register again. (80010009)”

    My PS3 runs on version 2.70
    BlueMaemo on N800 OS2008

    Any idea what is wrong here ?
    I googled already but didn t find a hint on this.

    Carlo from Luxembourg

  5. Ian Says:

    I got that error Carlo just now. I just restarted BlueMaemo and it worked.