iPhone gets what it deserves :)


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  1. Amit Says:

    I think iphone kind of deserves this . In India it launched its 3G version in union with some service providers No 2G version was launched) . 3G spectrum license were not yet sold here at that time . When they were auctioned there was a row between the GSM and CDMA operators . Now those who bought the phones are going to get stuck with the service providers and no 3G for some time. MTNL , government owned service provider in the capital Delhi , has launched the service but as yet only in the central secretariat area and its too costly.Thus you are stuck with essentially the 2G phone bought at twice the price. Ofcourse the service providers are also to be blamed but why was it launched in such a restrictive manner. Infact some of my friends bought it collecting money by all sorts of means , iPhone was the new way to be hip on campus . They do still like to show off but they are also sulking somewhere deep down .Best of all one of my friends carries an iPod touch and a phone separately.He can also show off the same cool applications that iPhone owners do . Cost one-third and he never forgets to mention this to iPhone owners.