BlueMaemo 0.2 released – in extras now

 BlueMaemo 0.2 main screen

The second release of BlueMaemo is out now and for the first time available on the maemo extras repository :) .

This release features the much requested reconnection feature, among others small fixes/improvements.

Here is a small changelog:

* Added ability to map the space key in the profiles;
* Added method to change bluetooth adapter mode;
* N810 Hardware keyboard support while in mouse profile;
* Major code refactoring – Separated all profiles;
* Added reconnect functionality;
* Added auto-connect functionality (auto-connect BlueMaemo to a device on startup, without user intervention).

Many thanks for everybody that reported bugs, made suggestions and filled features requests, especially for Qwerty12 (Faheem Pervez) and  Mgedmin (Marius Gedminas) for the packaging advices and tips.

BlueMaemo V0.2 is available here.

6 Responses

  1. thp Says:

    thanks, this is awesome. maybe this can make the tablets be a better and more feature-rich replacement for an apple remote on bluetooth-enabled macs :) keep up the good work, bluemaemo is really a useful tool!

  2. Etrunko Says:

    Hey Valerio. Cool stuff! Thank you very much. I didn’t know you’ve written it using Python and Maemo-EFL. Just a small patch that hopefully will speed up things a bit:

    This way you’ll get the 16 bits rendereing engine. Rasterman changed that strings a while ago.


  3. admin Says:

    @Etrunko – Thanks for the patch, I have to pay more attention to the EFL development :).

    And also thanks for the effort of bring EFL to Maemo (I wish someone do the same for upstream Debian/Ubuntu).


  4. Rilasciato BlueMaemo 0.2 | Blog Says:

    […] Via | […]

  5. Aaron Says:

    This is great work. Thanks for your contribution to the community.

    I’m very interested in getting this on the Nokia 770. Somewhere I thought I read you wanted testers for that platform and I’d be happy to help if that’s still the case.

  6. Andor Says:


    Nice app we would like to see in our 770s!

    I’m also willing to test, check and compile for 770 if needed.

    Greetings from Spain!