Video: Maemo 5 Alpha

A lot of people in the Maemo community asked for a Maemo 5 video showing the new Maemo UI, so here is one :)

The application manager doesn’t work for me, and the Fremantle extras-devel repository doesn’t list the available packages trough the web, so I only showed in the video the apps that I know that are already in the repository.

More information about Maemo5 Alpha can be found here

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  3. tim Says:

    The finger UI looks like an improvement, one of my biggest frustrations with the n810 is I have to click multiple times to open a file

    Watching the demo I wonder why can’t “open” be the first item on the menu list above “file”.

    It makes no scene to arrange “open” under “file” when it is the most sort after menu item make it the most assessable.

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