maemo mailing lists forum

Some people don’t like to subscribe mailing list, they are so used to internet forums that can’t use a mailing list properly.
Recently in ITT, some people that don’t use the maemo community mailing lists, complained about the lack of information about the maemo community council, because the decisions/achievements of the council are mostly announced in the community mailing lists, in order to help those users, I took the liberty to create a forum archive for the maemo mailing lists at Nabble.

What is Nabble:

“Nabble wants to improve public discussions on the web and provide useful embeddable applications to end users. This includes forums, user groups, message boards, mailing lists, photo galleries, newspapers, blogs, etc. There are many vibrant discussions in these places, so are problems such as cluttered UI, broken search, moderation, and cataloging. Nabble wants to be a place where your discussion can grow and be free of these problems.”

The Nabble forum allow users to browse the maemo community mailing lists like in regular internet forum, and is also possible to reply trough the forum.

You can found the “maemo mailing lists forum” here.

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