Maemo @ GSoC – Accepted projects

Google announced today the accepted students for the Google Summer of Code 09, the maemo community will host 10 projects this year.
We received more than 40 students proposals, around half of the students proposed features/advances for Canola, seems that the ‘open sourcing’ of the project attracted much attention.

Some of my favorite projects weren’t selected, but I’m happy with the one’s selected by the democratic vote of the maemo mentors 😀

Here is the list:

Barcode scanner and Shopping Assistant.
Bittorrent plugin for Canola.
IM Client For Canola Using Python-purple.
Integrating Maemo in Open Embedded(OE) – Creating a ‘maemo image’ in OE for the N800/N810.
Liqbase Framework Development and Application Implementation.
Mnemosyne for Maemo.
Picasa plugin for Canola.
Remember The Milk plugin for Canola.
Semantic-Based Context-aware Personalized News reader System for Maemo.
Twitter application and Twitpic support for Canola.

Some of the project titles may seem strange at the first look, so stay tuned in the maemo mailing lists for further  details, criticism and suggestion around the GSoC projects.

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  1. Kasi Viswanath Says:

    Things are getting brighter day by day for the NIT! Cheers,