BlueMaemo 0.3

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As some already know, a new version of BlueMaemo rolled out in the last Thursday. BlueMaemo 0.3 is mostly a bug-fix release, but some new features are also available.

BlueMaemo v0.3 Changelog:

* Added support for the hardware keyboard in all profiles
* Added support for ‘key combos’ (e.g: ctrl+f, ctrl+alt+f6,…)
* Added Ctrl, Alt and F1 to F11 keys in the virtual keyboard
* Fixed bug in the bluetooth adapter state
* Moved configuration files to /etc/bluemaemo/
* Added back buttons in the ‘wait for connection’ and ‘process connection’ screens
* Fixed the sdl/openGL keystrokes bug

In other news, the BlueMaemo bug tracker was moved to the official maemo bugzilla (Thanks Andre), so now on you should report bug and submit feature requests (enhancement) there.

I would like to thank everyone that submitted bug reports and feature request, especially our package master Qwerty12 for some tips about the debian packaging, and Pycage that sent me a lot of outputs, that helped me fix a bug related to the keystrokes sent to games written in SDL/OpenGL.

Next developments will target Fremantle and improvements in the PS3 support.

I would like to give more time to my open source projects, but right now my thesis work is eating most of my time :( .

BlueMaemo V0.3 is available here.

12 Responses

  1. fuzzcheck Says:

    Thanks for the update. I really like BlueMaemo. I use it on my N800 as a remote for boxee.

  2. Seb Ruiz Says:

    Fantastic, this is really great.

    Is there support the Meta (win) key?

    And do you know of a way to emulate bluetooth but use a tcp connection – ie, i’d like to use bluemaemo but over a wireless connection, as that would make the connection more reliable.

  3. admin Says:

    @Seb – Yes, you can assign the ‘win’ key to a profile button, more info here:

    BlueMaemo implements a bluetooth profile, so only work through bluetooth, but is possible to do something similar through a tcp connection, but you will need a app for each OS, in order to receive and process the events sent through the connection.

    Best regards.

  4. rafanto Says:

    thanks ,
    for new release of bluemaemo!!!

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  6. Hath Says:

    the bluemaemo works very well on symbian s60 3rd phones!! but just with the quake 1,2,3 and scummvm. You just need to install “hidsupp_v100.sisx” and pair your n800 with the phone. sorry for my english.

  7. Hath Says:

    the symbian s60 dont suport natively the HID profile, but with this app, it will work, but not for menus.. etc.. just for this games

  8. admin Says:

    @Hath – woow, thanks for the tip, I’ve to try :)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the great program!

    Just 2 questions:

    1) Will this app be compatible with maemo 5?

    2) If yes, can you make the mouse or game profile (or make a new profile) to be controlled through the accelerometer?

  10. admin Says:

    @Anonymous – Yes to the two questions :)

  11. Albert Says:

    The Help of the N95 Wireless Keyboard Application says “you can use compatible wireless keyboards based on Bluetooth HID..”. Reading this, I’m understanding N95 (and Symbian S60 3RD) is compatible with HID. Also, at Nokia Europe site, regarding the Wireless Keyboard Application it says “This application is especially suited for Nokia Wireless keyboard, but it works with wireless keyboards that are based on Bluetooth HID profile.”. What I’m missing here ? Thanks. Albert

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