OneDotZero experience – part 1

Last week I was invited to London for the onedotzero event at the BFI, where Nokia were showcasing some very cool stuff around the Maemo Plataform.

The onedotzero event is basically a showcase for new artists from diverse fields, such as collaborative music, films, live performances, digital arts and culture.

Along with the WOM world/Nokia Crew (Donna, Robbie and Adam), that invited me, other 5 bloggers from around the world participated in the ODZ experience during the weekeend:

N900 hands-on

The ODZ experience started on Saturday morning with a meet and greet breakfast at the hotel. Donna brought some devices with her for a initial hands-on experience during the breakfast. Was fun to see the reactions of those less familiar with the Maemo platform :). In general the N900 is a very cool device, I will not do yet another N900 review here, but I noticed some interesting things in the protos that we had access.

The software is now a bit more polished, the animations are smoother and the vsync issue completely gone. Although the software version that we had access isn’t the last one available at the moment, I’ve seen a more recent version in other n900 protos 😉 , also some third-parties apps aren’t available (e.g Bounce) by default in this protos. The keyboard is also much better than the N810 or N97 keyboard in my opinion, I liked it a lot :).
I didn’t spent much time with the device, in order to give the opportunity to my colleagues to discover the device and make great reviews about it 😉 , but the N900 is clearly the best mobile device so far, for the Internet addicts.

Nokia & presentations

After some quality time with the devices, we went to the BFI to attend some presentations about the Maemo platform and the Maemo Community. There I finally met some “Maemoers” – Gary (lcuk), Andrew (Jaffa), Sebastian (crashanddie) and Jussi Mäkinen from Nokia/Maemo Devices.

Gary, Andrew and Jussi

In the first presentation Jussi talked about the history of the Maemo plataform and also did a great showcase of the OS in an big screen using the TV-out functionality of the device 😉 , followed by a Q&A session. Jussi mentioned a lot our community in his presentation, he said that Nokia learned a lot with the community and the N900 and the Maemo 5 OS was designed with the input collected within the community in the last years, I really felt flattered for being part of the Maemo community :) .


The next presentation was a showcase of the liqbase application by Gary (lcuk), he were very enthusiastic and very proud of his work during the talk.


The last presentation was done by Andrew(Jaffa), our current council chair, he presented the history behind the Maemo Community and all the interaction channels that we have. Was a very concise summary with some questions from the audience at the end. Andrew is actually a very ‘vocal’ person that talks about our community with a lot of enthusiasm and passion, great to see that.


OneDotZero Installation
After a good lunch and a short touristic visit to some London points of interest (inc. the Nokia Flagship store), we finally had a chance to play a bit with the OneDotZero installation.

Me, Neil, Donna, Gerry, Jay and Robbie

The installation was composed by a Nokia N900 connected to 6 large projectors outside the BFI building beaming text onto a big wall. Using the accelerometer of the N900 we were able to change the text beamed by rotating, tilting and shaking the device, as you can see in the videos bellow. Kudos to Gary (luck) for the cool OneDotZero application.

More cool stuff to come 😉

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