Maemo Summit – Informations for Speakers

For those that don’t follow regularly the forums, here are some information relevant to Maemo Summit speakers.

  • You are encouraged to use the Maemo Summit 2009 template for presentations, available as odp and ppt.
  • The best format for the presentations is 16×9 since this is the proportion of the screens in use. Presentations with 3×4 format might get black strips on the sides or get slightly squeezed.
  • There are Windows laptops with Internet connection for speakers in the N900, N810 and N800 rooms. They are equipped with, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat and Firefox.
  • Bring your presentation to your session room in a USB stick around 9:30, 13:30 (Friday) or 14:30 (Saturday). Have copies in our laptop or online just in case.
  • You can use your own laptop if you really need to. At your own risk, we won’t change the schedule if you have problems. Definitely not recommended for lightning sessions.
  • There will be N900 devices for speakers willing to demo their software. These devices can be connected to the projector with TV-Out.
  • The N810 room will have 2 independent projectors. You can use them to have e.g. slides and a device demo in parallel.

Question and more useful information in this discussion thread.

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    *Why* would a FOSS conference use Windows laptops?

  2. Pinguins Móveis » Blog Archive » Maemo nas ruas Says:

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  3. Douglas Says:

    Man, GREAT JOB with Bluemaemo. We spect to see another version for Maemo 5! Really thx.