Challenge: 100 apps in Extras before the end of the year

I know that the Q&A system needs improvements and we’re experiencing some outage due to the servers move, well that’s the reason why this is a challenge :)

The deal is, test the apps currently in Extras-testing in order to promote them to Extras and make them available for all N900 users, simple isn’t ?

Currently we’ve 82 free apps in Extras, so we need 18 more, to make things even simpler for you, I made a list with apps that in my opinion are ready for Extras. I chose the apps below because they don’t have any flaws reported so far, and also because they can be in Extras before the end of the year respecting the 10 days of quarantine required by the Q&A criteria. Feel free to suggest any app that I missed, commenting here.

Note1: I’m not saying to thumb up all of these apps, you should rate them according to the Q&A criteria, some will end up in Extras others don’t.

Note2: The links below might disappear when the packages are promoted to Extras.

Here is the list:

GPE Suite: Those apps don’t have the full Fremantle UI, but they’re usable, the author says that ported the apps for “completeness”, maybe if there’s enough interested he will improve them :)

Remember that the Software hosted in Extras-testing might have problems, so please report properly any problem found, you can find more information about the Extras-testing in these links:

We only need 18, but we’ve 50 candidates, let’s see the power of the Maemo Community :)

10 Responses

  1. dms Says:

    do not forget irssi :D!

  2. admin Says:

    @dms – irssi was uploaded to -testing today according to the package interface, so is not possible to be in Extras before the end of the year (10 days of quarantine)

  3. anonim Says:

    msn support? I’ve heard there are 2 telepathy extensions that support it and I think it would be a nice addition

  4. admin Says:

    @anonim- Those plugins seems to have a lot of issues that need to be fixed first. See:

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You said 18 more free apps, but several of the apps you listed currently sit in the non-free repository.

    Also, I’d particularly recommend checking out any apps that existed for previous versions of Maemo, since they’ll have had more long-term polish, and getting them into extras allows the N900 to have the same available software as the previous tablets.

  6. admin Says:

    @Anonymous – I said “free”, not free software or Open Source software :)
    Anyway I can count with my fingers the apps in the non-free repository, basically only some emulators, nothing else, and even those are free to grab, you don’t need to paid by any of the software offered at

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  8. Anonymous Says:

    @admin: Granted, but in most FOSS developer weblogs the use of “free” to mean “no cost” rather than “Free Software” usually gets called out in some way, so I figured it either represented an oversight or a point worth noting. :)

  9. admin Says:

    @Aninymous- I’m joking, I agree with your point, was a bad use from my part. But a lot of new Maemo users get confused with the non-free repository, they think that the apps there need to be paid 😀

  10. fgs Says:

    Thanks a lot for this challenge. It has increased commitment for many people.
    Finally my little 100 Boxes game could be promoted to Extras!