Video: BlueMaemo – playing games with the accelerometer

For those that didn’t attended my presentation at the Maemo Summit (videos are still MIA :( ), I added some new features in BlueMaemo for Maemo5, one of these feature is the ability to send events using the accelerometer motion, is still in a very early stage, but as you can see in the video below, you can already play simple games.

BlueMaemo needs a lot of love before entering Maemo Extras, but unfortunately this month I don’t have plans for more improvements, I’ve a lot of other things to do and also I’ve to start job hunting (Know a position for a talented SW devel ? :D), but I appreciate suggestions for improvements and bug reports. Big thanks for all alpha testers that helped a lot so far.

If you want to test the alpha version of BlueMaemo, you can grab it in the Extras-devel repository, please remember that the software in that repository is not intended for end users, before enable this repository, read this post.

The accelerometer control is enabled via the button “one” and “two”(experimental air mouse) in the gamepad profile. More instructions here.

3 Responses

  1. Kanniball Says:


    Congratulations for your work on Maemo… I’m looking at a N900 to be my next phone…

    Please stop using flash videos, and change to something more FOSS friendly like where you can upload ogg videos, and stream them using an html5 compatible browser :)

    Thanks and good luck for the job hunting :)

  2. Longinus Says:

    Kick ass app…

    wen can we expect it to leave extras-devil?

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