Jan 10

For those that didn’t attended my presentation at the Maemo Summit (videos are still MIA :( ), I added some new features in BlueMaemo for Maemo5, one of these feature is the ability to send events using the accelerometer motion, is still in a very early stage, but as you can see in the video below, you can already play simple games.

BlueMaemo needs a lot of love before entering Maemo Extras, but unfortunately this month I don’t have plans for more improvements, I’ve a lot of other things to do and also I’ve to start job hunting (Know a position for a talented SW devel ? :D), but I appreciate suggestions for improvements and bug reports. Big thanks for all alpha testers that helped a lot so far.


If you want to test the alpha version of BlueMaemo, you can grab it in the Extras-devel repository, please remember that the software in that repository is not intended for end users, before enable this repository, read this post.

The accelerometer control is enabled via the button “one” and “two”(experimental air mouse) in the gamepad profile. More instructions here.

Dec 30

Was a good surprise this afternoon when lcuk (Gary Birkett) told me that my alphish software is featuring in a Engadget article, seems that our beloved N900 is getting a lot of attention, even from Engadget :p.

Thanks Engadget for quoting my intentions in the article about the PS3 support, and yes my name is Valério Domingos Valério, that’s not a typo :).

A big thanks also to Wazd (Andrew Zhilin) for the new UI concepting & design.

Engadget article: http://www.engadget.com/2009/12/30/n900-turned-into-ps3-controller-courtesy-of-bluemaemo-emulator/

If your are brave enough to test alpha software, you can find some information about Bluemaemo for Fremantle here: http://wiki.maemo.org/Bluemaemo

Dec 24

Dec 22

I know that the Q&A system needs improvements and we’re experiencing some outage due to the servers move, well that’s the reason why this is a challenge :)

The deal is, test the apps currently in Extras-testing in order to promote them to Extras and make them available for all N900 users, simple isn’t ?

Currently we’ve 82 free apps in Extras, so we need 18 more, to make things even simpler for you, I made a list with apps that in my opinion are ready for Extras. I chose the apps below because they don’t have any flaws reported so far, and also because they can be in Extras before the end of the year respecting the 10 days of quarantine required by the Q&A criteria. Feel free to suggest any app that I missed, commenting here.

Note1: I’m not saying to thumb up all of these apps, you should rate them according to the Q&A criteria, some will end up in Extras others don’t.

Note2: The links below might disappear when the packages are promoted to Extras.

Here is the list:

GPE Suite: Those apps don’t have the full Fremantle UI, but they’re usable, the author says that ported the apps for “completeness”, maybe if there’s enough interested he will improve them :)

Remember that the Software hosted in Extras-testing might have problems, so please report properly any problem found, you can find more information about the Extras-testing in these links:



We only need 18, but we’ve 50 candidates, let’s see the power of the Maemo Community :)

Nov 10

Have you heard about the awesome N900 ? Do you want to try it and know more about Maemo ?

If you’re based in Portugal this is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on an N900.
Thanks to the WOM World/Nokia folks, we’re hosting a small meetup about the Nokia N900 and the Maemo community, in the next Saturday in Lisbon at the “Mar Adentro café” (Maps) between 15:00 and 18:00.
I’ll give a small demonstration of the N900 and then will let people ask questions about the device and the community and enjoy some hands-on time with the device. If you already have an N900, join us anyway, you’ll not regret :).

Due to the space logistics, I appreciate that those willing to attend contact me.

Nov 10


Nov 9


Oct 29

Are you a lucky N900 owner ? Want to help the Maemo Community ? This call is for you.

In the next Saturday(Oct 31) from 2pm till 7pm(UTC/GMT) we’ll host a testing marathon at #maemo-testing@Freenode, in order to make more awesome community applications available to end users. This marathon will be also a test for our community QA process, we want to test it and improve it before the N900 hits the shelves.
If you’re a developer, make sure your applications are in good shape before the testing marathon.

The information above was bit confusing for you ? Here’s a small FAQ:

What is a testing marathon ?

Basically is a ‘testing party’, where people together test software, report bugs, talk/send feedback to developers  in order to improve our community applications.

Do I need to be a developer to take part of the marathon ?

No, even if you can’t judge all the criteria in the QA checklist, you’re more than welcome, every small help has big value for us.

Do I need to be in the irc channel during the entire marathon ?

No, you can join/leave at anytime, but it’s recommendable to be in the channel at the beginning of the marathon, if you need some help or have some doubts.

I can’t attend the marathon, can I help in some way ?

Of course, you can test and evaluate applications at any time. Try to follow our community QA process and checklist and vote the packages under: http://maemo.org/packages/repository/qa/fremantle_extras-testing/

Still have doubts, want to discuss something ?

Join the discussion here.

Oct 5

For those that don’t follow regularly the maemo.org forums, here are some information relevant to Maemo Summit speakers.

  • You are encouraged to use the Maemo Summit 2009 template for presentations, available as odp and ppt.
  • The best format for the presentations is 16×9 since this is the proportion of the screens in use. Presentations with 3×4 format might get black strips on the sides or get slightly squeezed.
  • There are Windows laptops with Internet connection for speakers in the N900, N810 and N800 rooms. They are equipped with OpenOffice.org, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat and Firefox.
  • Bring your presentation to your session room in a USB stick around 9:30, 13:30 (Friday) or 14:30 (Saturday). Have copies in our laptop or online just in case.
  • You can use your own laptop if you really need to. At your own risk, we won’t change the schedule if you have problems. Definitely not recommended for lightning sessions.
  • There will be N900 devices for speakers willing to demo their software. These devices can be connected to the projector with TV-Out.
  • The N810 room will have 2 independent projectors. You can use them to have e.g. slides and a device demo in parallel.

Question and more useful information in this discussion thread.

Sep 15

The second day of the OneDotZero experience started again with a nice chat during the breakfast, this time without devices :). Was very nice to hear the ideas of my colleagues bloggers about the current state of the mobile devices market and the prosper future of this area. We talked mostly about the new N900, making comparisons with other platforms and discussing our impressions as end users of the new Maemo OS. I think in general everybody was impressed with the device.

PUSH N900 workshop

At the afternoon Robbie and Adam picked us at the hotel and we headed to the BFI to attend a series of workshops around the Maemo platform.

The first presenter was Stuart Wells from Nokia that did a nice introduction of the N900 and the Maemo 5 OS, once again the new Maemo 5 shined in the big screen 😉

Stuart Wells

After this nice introduction, Gary (lcuk) jumped again into the stage for a brief introduction about the OneDotZero installation and his famous liqbase application.

Tom Johnson

Hacker call, the PUSH N900 contest was presented!

Tom Johnson from Hyper did a short introduction about the PUSH N900 competition, where everybody can participate, no need to be a coder/hacker. If you have some good ideas, go now to the PUSH N900 website and submit them, you will not regret for sure 😉

In order to whet the appetite of the audience, an incredible team of hackers from Tinker.it presented some cool hacks did in the last three weeks using some N900 devices and some Arduino boards.

Inspired with the 80’s they presented the four hacks bellow, actually using ‘gadgets’ from the 80’s along with a high end device.

Talk & Text

A Nokia N900 and an Arduino are hidden inside this old Speak & Spell. When you press a key, the Arduino detects which key you have pressed and sends that information over Bluetooth to the N900. A python script receives the information from the Arduino and uses pygame, to display images on the n900 screen that mimic the original Speak & Spell display. The voice synthesis is also generated on the phone, using festival, and open source text-to-speach engine.

N900 Rolodex


“An Arduino connected to the Rolodex© detects the position of the wheel and sends that information over Bluetooth to the N900. Each position indicates a specific contact. A Python script receives the incoming information and uses the xtst library to emulate the key presses and screen touches that would be necessary to view that contact and, when you touch the screen of the phone, to place a call.”

Phone FM



“The N900’s Maemo platform uses the D-Bus messaging service to allow different applications to send message and alerts to each other. When you send a text to this phone, it transmits the contents of your message over D-Bus to a Python script. The Python script then uses pylast (a library for communicating with last.fm) to send the artist’s name to last.fm and receive the mp3 files and cover art generated for that artist. The script then controls the screen display and music playback using GStreamer (a library for controlling media playback that is included in Maemo 5.0) and the pygame (an open-source python wrapper for controlling visuals).

Playback to the radio is controlled by the N900’s built-in FM transmitter. The transmitter can be set to broadcast at any frequency, an the phone’s audio will be picked up by any nearby radio set to the right station.”

N900 ViewMaster

“A Nokia N900 is sitting inside the Viewmaster®. When you move the Viewmaster® to the left or to the right, you trigger a switch. An Arduino then sends a message over Bluetooth to the N900. A Python script receives that message and, using GStreamer (a library for controlling media playback that is included in Maemo 5.0), saves a frame from the camera as a JPEG. When two photos have been taken, numerical (a python library for manipulating arrays) is used to transform the size and color of the images, and pygame (an open-source python wrapper for controlling visuals,) is used to control the screen display.

Any 3D image actually needs two images. The two photos are taken several centimeters apart–about the distance between your two eyes. When you look into the Viewmaster, each eye is isolated to see only the photograph of what would be seen by that eye, and your brain resolves the two images into one 3D image. On the larger screen, the two images are colored red and blue and superimposed. The red and blue lenses of your glasses each cause one image to disappear, so each eye again sees a slightly different image, and your brain translates them into 3D.”

Quoted text and more information about this hacks can be found at the Tinker.it website.


Many thanks to the WOM World/Nokia crew (Donna, Robbie and Adam) for inviting me and for the very cool weekend at London.

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