Jan 10

For those that didn’t attended my presentation at the Maemo Summit (videos are still MIA :( ), I added some new features in BlueMaemo for Maemo5, one of these feature is the ability to send events using the accelerometer motion, is still in a very early stage, but as you can see in the video below, you can already play simple games.

BlueMaemo needs a lot of love before entering Maemo Extras, but unfortunately this month I don’t have plans for more improvements, I’ve a lot of other things to do and also I’ve to start job hunting (Know a position for a talented SW devel ? :D), but I appreciate suggestions for improvements and bug reports. Big thanks for all alpha testers that helped a lot so far.


If you want to test the alpha version of BlueMaemo, you can grab it in the Extras-devel repository, please remember that the software in that repository is not intended for end users, before enable this repository, read this post.

The accelerometer control is enabled via the button “one” and “two”(experimental air mouse) in the gamepad profile. More instructions here.

Dec 30

Was a good surprise this afternoon when lcuk (Gary Birkett) told me that my alphish software is featuring in a Engadget article, seems that our beloved N900 is getting a lot of attention, even from Engadget :p.

Thanks Engadget for quoting my intentions in the article about the PS3 support, and yes my name is Valério Domingos Valério, that’s not a typo :).

A big thanks also to Wazd (Andrew Zhilin) for the new UI concepting & design.

Engadget article: http://www.engadget.com/2009/12/30/n900-turned-into-ps3-controller-courtesy-of-bluemaemo-emulator/

If your are brave enough to test alpha software, you can find some information about Bluemaemo for Fremantle here: http://wiki.maemo.org/Bluemaemo

Jul 9


Yesterday I received a feedback comment here, saying that BlueMaemo can be used to control games in some S60 devices (Thanks Hath!!!), so just tried with my 5800 and the result is in the video above :) . Playing those games with the tv-out feature of the phone is even cooler :)

Required software and instructions here.

Note: In order to play Quake 2 in the 5800 you need to turn off OpenGL ES in the game menu.

Jun 13

bluemaemo 0.3 main menu

As some already know, a new version of BlueMaemo rolled out in the last Thursday. BlueMaemo 0.3 is mostly a bug-fix release, but some new features are also available.

BlueMaemo v0.3 Changelog:

* Added support for the hardware keyboard in all profiles
* Added support for ‘key combos’ (e.g: ctrl+f, ctrl+alt+f6,…)
* Added Ctrl, Alt and F1 to F11 keys in the virtual keyboard
* Fixed bug in the bluetooth adapter state
* Moved configuration files to /etc/bluemaemo/
* Added back buttons in the ‘wait for connection’ and ‘process connection’ screens
* Fixed the sdl/openGL keystrokes bug

In other news, the BlueMaemo bug tracker was moved to the official maemo bugzilla (Thanks Andre), so now on you should report bug and submit feature requests (enhancement) there.

I would like to thank everyone that submitted bug reports and feature request, especially our package master Qwerty12 for some tips about the debian packaging, and Pycage that sent me a lot of outputs, that helped me fix a bug related to the keystrokes sent to games written in SDL/OpenGL.

Next developments will target Fremantle and improvements in the PS3 support.

I would like to give more time to my open source projects, but right now my thesis work is eating most of my time :( .

BlueMaemo V0.3 is available here.

Mar 2

 BlueMaemo 0.2 main screen

The second release of BlueMaemo is out now and for the first time available on the maemo extras repository :) .

This release features the much requested reconnection feature, among others small fixes/improvements.

Here is a small changelog:

* Added ability to map the space key in the profiles;
* Added method to change bluetooth adapter mode;
* N810 Hardware keyboard support while in mouse profile;
* Major code refactoring – Separated all profiles;
* Added reconnect functionality;
* Added auto-connect functionality (auto-connect BlueMaemo to a device on startup, without user intervention).

Many thanks for everybody that reported bugs, made suggestions and filled features requests, especially for Qwerty12 (Faheem Pervez) and  Mgedmin (Marius Gedminas) for the packaging advices and tips.

BlueMaemo V0.2 is available here.

Feb 12


Thanks to astrogirl for the video and the tutorial.

Oct 19


The first release of BlueMaemo is now available on garage.maemo. I’m very happy with all the community feedback and support, thanks to all the guys that sent me emails and made blog posts about BlueMaemo.

Download instructions and other information can be found here.

Oct 18

BlueMaemo is a remote controller program for the Maemo-powered devices. With BlueMaemo you can turn your Maemo-powered device in a mixed Bluetooth keyboard-and-mouse device through the HID Bluetooth profile.


BlueMaemo v0.1

Playing Quake on an 5800 with BlueMaemo

Using BlueMaemo on N810 as a bluetooth keyboard for PS3

Controlla PS3 con Nokia N900 e Bluemaemo

How To – Turn Your Nokia N900 into a PS3 Controller

BlueMaemo – playing games with the accelerometer


BlueMaemo 0.3-10 – Maemo5

BlueMaemo 0.3 – OS2008


  •  Remove any existing pairings between your phone/tablet and your computer (in both devices).
  •  Start BlueMaemo and select “Establish Connection”.
  •  Select and pair your phone/tablet with your computer.
  •  Select yes in the “Connect to” dialog, a authorization dialog will appear, check “always grant access” to allow future reconnections.
  • You can then use the reconnect button on BlueMaemo to connect to an already paired computer.
Windows XP and Media center edition
  • Turn bluetooth on.
  • Start BlueMaemo on the device.
  • Go to the bluetooth preferences and choose ‘Add a new device’.
  • Choose the device and choose a blank password (you can also choose a numeric password the PassAgentKey will appear on the device asking for the password).
  •  Remove any existing pairings between your phone/tablet and your Mac (in both devices).
  •  Start bluetooth on your Mac. Set it to be discoverable.
  •  Start BlueMaemo and select “Establish Connection”.
  •  Select your Mac and pair with your phone/tablet. Click yes on the pairing dialog on the Mac first before pressing the “Pair” button on your phone/tablet.
  •  Select yes in the “Connect to” dialog, a “Connecting to “Mac”” dialog should appear.
  • You can then use the reconnect button on BlueMaemo to connect to an already paired Mac.
  • More info here.
PlayStation 3
  • Remove any existing pairings between your phone/tablet and your Playstation 3 (in both devices).
  • Start BlueMaemo and select “Wait for connection”.
  • On the PS3 go to the menu Settings > Accessory Settings > Manage Bluetooth Devices and press Register New Device and Start Scanning.
  • Pair the devices.
  • More info here.

Hardware Keys

  • Fullscreen key – Toggle between fullscreen and no fullscreen in the BlueMaemo menus.
  • Zoom +/- Keys – Simulate a left mouse button hold in the mouse profile, useful for drawing.

Using Custom Keys

The keys bellow don’t exist by default in the hardware or virtual keyboard’s, to add this keys to a profile you have to write the keys (e.g: Win -> press W and then i..).

  • Win

Tested Devices

  • Nokia n900.
  • Nokia n810.
  • Nokia n800.

Tested Bluetooth stacks

  • Linux BlueZ.
  • Windows XP SP2 and SP3 – default stack and blue soleil stack.
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition – default stack and Toshiba Bluetooth stack.
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 – default stack
  • Mac OSX 10.5.6, 10.6.2
  • PlayStation 3
Not working
  • Symbian Nokia’s S60 – tested with Nokia Navigator (probably a BlueZ SDP bug).
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11

Bug Report

You can report bugs here

Request a feature

You can request new application features here (select ‘enhancement’ in the severity field).



BlueMaemo v0.1 menu


BlueMaemo v0.2 initial screen


BlueMaemo v0.3 menu

Oct 11

BlueMaemo is my new Open Source project :), basically BlueMaemo is a port of my Google Summer of Code project, ReMoko, to the Maemo powered devices.

With BlueMaemo you can turn any Maemo-powered devices in a mixed Bluetooth keyboard-and-mouse device through the HID Bluetooth profile. Right now the program still in a alpha version, I’ve planned the first release for the next week. The program functionalities are very similar to the ReMoko functionalities, exception to the accelerometer profile that doesn’t exist in BlueMaemo, because any of the Maemo devices have accelerometer capabilities. The program UI still very beta right now, I’ve to make some changes in order to support different UI themes. In order to support the maemo devices without a hardware keyboard, I had to add a virtual keyboard to the keyboard profile, I reuse a keyboard shipped in the python-efl demos, this virtual keyboard are made in INdT Brazil, so the credits of the virtual keyboard graphics belongs to them.

Mar 27

This is the list of the most important conferences that I participated as a speaker.

  • MeeGo Conference 2010 – 15-17 November 2010 – Dublin, Ireland.
    Conference: QMF.
  • Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 2010 – 23-24 October 2010 – Mountain View CA, United States.
    Conference: Open Source and Mobile.
  • Maemo Summit 09 – 9-11 October 2009 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    Conference: BlueMaemo – Bluetooth HID mouse & keyboard for Maemo.
    Welcome to Community days.
    Maemo Co-Creation Showcase.
  • Sapo Codebits 2008 – 13-15 November 2008 – Lisbon, Portugal.
    Conference: AccelMoko (contest presentation).
  • PopUp 2008 – 6-8 May 2008 – Évora, Portugal.
    Conference: Python – Uma linguagem rápida e poderosa.
  • Fosdem 2008 – 23-24 February 2008 – Brussels, Belgium.
    Conference: BluePad – The remote controller for GNU/Linux
  • 10th Hispalinux, Congreso Internacional Software Libre – 13-16 December 2007 – Cáceres, Spain.
    Conference: BluePad – El mando remoto para GNU/Linux.
  • Sapo Codebits 2007 – 13-14 November 2007 – Lisbon, Portugal.
    Conference: BluePad – Módulo do rato (contest presentation).
  • Open Delta aLANtejo 2007 – 19-21 October 2007 – Évora, Portugal.
    Conferences: Opening session of the event.
    BluePad – The remote controller for GNU/Linux.
    Closing session of the event.
  • I Fórum Software Livre de Lisboa – 12-13 October 2007 – Lisbon, Portugal.
    Conference: BluePad – O controle remoto para GNU/Linux.
  • CPES 2007 – 27 April  2007 – Évora, Portugal.
    Conference: NEEI – Uma associação na rota do futuro.
  • XIV Semana informática do IST – 12-16 March 2007 – Lisbon, Portugal.
    Conference: Alinex (conference with Prof. Luís Arriaga).
  • InforRainha – 1 and 2 March 2007 – Estremoz, Portugal.
    Conference: NEEI – Uma associação na rota do futuro.
  • Delta aLANtejo 2006 – 20-22 October 2006 – Évora, Portugal.
    Conference: Open Session of the event
  • ENEI 2006 – 23-25 March 2006 – Évora, Portugal.
    Conference: Closing Session of the event.
  • NEEI 2006, 2007 and 2008 – Several presentations for high school students – Évora, Portugal.
    Conferences: NEEI – Uma associação na rota do futuro.
    BluePad – O controle remoto para GNU/Linux.